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Tech Tip: The New UAD’s dynamic fields

on June 11, 2024

Our first in a series of Tech Tips about the new UAD dataset and report, we highlight a benefit of using dynamic reports. As you type in many fields, the report expands or contracts to fit the data you have – and the rest of the report shifts around it. This helps both writers and […]

Tech Tip: Remove a comp from weighting

on April 23, 2024

Want to remove an active listing from your comp weighting? What about that comp you included at the behest of the client, or to bracket a feature – but it shouldn’t affect the value? In TOTAL it’s simple to remove a comp from both the weighting and the suggested (weighted) value while still keeping that […]

Tech Tip: Swapping one major form to another

on April 16, 2024

What if you’ve already started working on a report, and the client changes job (and form types) on you mid-stream – but you have data, like comparable data in the grid, that you don’t want to lose?   In other appraisal tools, you may be used to starting a new report just to get the […]