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Stay updated on UAD conversations

on April 23, 2024

To keep you as updated as possible, we’re having constant discussions about the upcoming UAD changes with different CoreLogic teams. Here are some of the latest conversations you may have missed:   First up, a New York City appraiser for decades, Kevin Cheung is also the product manager for a la mode’s industry-leading mobile application […]

Your UAD Questions, Answered.

on March 13, 2024

So many questions were submitted during our webinars with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and we couldn’t possibly answer them all in our allotted time. So, as promised, here is a blog to answer some of your burning questions!   Will we get a test form to review and work with before it goes live? The GSEs […]

Tech Tip – UAD Guide built into TOTAL

on March 12, 2024

TOTAL has a built-in guide and dictionary of all the UAD requirements from the relevant GSE documentation for UAD. This way you don’t have to look it up manually, or perhaps even keep a hard copy of Appendix D buried somewhere on your desk!

What We Know About UAD

on January 25, 2024

Article Updated 01/25/2024 The GSEs have released a new timeline for the release and implementation of UAD 2.0. The new timeline now extends into 2026 and gives us more details about how they want other players in the mortgage industry (like software companies) to complete their portions of the update. This means a couple of […]