Stay updated on UAD conversations

Written by on April 23, 2024

To keep you as updated as possible, we’re having constant discussions about the upcoming UAD changes with different CoreLogic teams. Here are some of the latest conversations you may have missed:  

First up, a New York City appraiser for decades, Kevin Cheung is also the product manager for a la mode’s industry-leading mobile application used by thousands of appraisers every day. Hear his insights into the new UAD, how they affect appraisers, and how TOTAL for Mobile fits into the new workflow. 

We also spoke with Rebekah Champagne to talk about industry and workflow impacts from the upcoming UAD changes. As a 20+ year mortgage industry veteran, Rebekah brings perspective from both sides of the changes – from underwriter to current-day product manager for CoreLogic. 

Help steer our future webinars by submitting your UAD questions! Our team looks at these to schedule future guests and plan our discussion topics, so we can provide you with the information you need most.