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Tech Tip: Select a pop point for your sketch

on January 16, 2024

When using TOTAL Sketch, you can select the pop point you want to connect to by hovering the mouse over any pop point. You’ll see a red line connecting each pop point to the previously drawn corner that it matches. See how it works in today’s tech tip (:55). If you’re looking for more tips […]

Tech Tip: Draw interior walls faster

on July 18, 2017

One of the most helpful shortcuts in TOTAL Sketch is using the CTRL and arrow keys to access pop points. Many appraisers use pop points for "squaring off" a drawing, but they can also be used to "pop" interior walls directly over to a wall, without having to measure, estimate, or use the arrow key […]

Win big this March with this Elite 8 bracket

on March 25, 2017

March Madness is officially underway and, like millions of sports fans across the country, we’ve got the fever. While we were busy filling out our brackets and arguing over which team would take home the trophy, we realized we had an Elite 8 of our own. Below are just eight (of the many) benefits you […]

The Elite 8

on October 20, 2016

You’re familiar with the saying “you get what you pay for.” But how often do you hear that “you get more than what you pay for”? The TOTAL Elite membership is more than just a support contract. Below are eight (of the many) benefits you recieve by upgrading to the Elite membership. 24/7 Support  — […]

TOTAL for Mobile makes the most of the iPhone 6+

on April 1, 2015

Phablets, those devices in the 5.5-6.5" range, are a popular choice for appraisers. It's small enough to serve as your phone, and large enough to get work done on. The next version of TOTAL for Mobile will improve support for the iPhone 6+ by allowing landscape orientation, and a new Sketcher layout that takes advantage […]