Tech Tip: Draw interior walls faster

Written by on July 18, 2017

One of the most helpful shortcuts in TOTAL Sketch is using the CTRL and arrow keys to access pop points. Many appraisers use pop points for "squaring off" a drawing, but they can also be used to "pop" interior walls directly over to a wall, without having to measure, estimate, or use the arrow key fifteen times. This keystroke shaves minutes of your sketches.

TOTAL Sketch also works seamlessly with TOTAL for Mobile, so you can start sketches in the field and sync them back to your desktop to make finishing touches.

See the all of TOTAL Sketch's timesaving hotkeys in a printable list here.

TOTAL Sketch Standard is included for free with TOTAL and WinTOTAL users. If you don't have TOTAL yet, click here to download a free 30-day full trial. WinTOTAL Aurora users can download TOTAL for free from the Downloads section on their My Account page. Click here to log in.