New Payment Plans for TOTAL Bundles

Written by on May 21, 2024

See our new payment plans
See our new payment plans

We’re introducing a new way to pay for your TOTAL bundles — split payments through PayPal! We’ve heard your requests for more flexible payment options, and with this new feature, our customers can break up the cost of TOTAL into four payments over 60 days, or monthly payments.  

PayPal’s “Pay in 4” option is an interest-free option that splits your purchase into 4 equal payments over 60 days. This option is only available for orders between $30 and $1,500.  

With “Pay Monthly,” customers can split up payments even further over a series of months. This option charges interest and is available for orders between $199 and $10,000.  
You can visit PayPal’s website to find more info on both of these payment options.  

We’re hoping this new option will provide flexibility for our customers who are feeling the financial effects of a down market. As always, there’s still the option to pay with us directly.  

It’s important to remember that if you choose to pay with PayPal, you’ll need to contact them for any customer service regarding payments. Once you choose that option, a la mode cannot access your payment info or make any changes. We can, however, process your returns — so our 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee will not be affected. 

For help with PayPal payments, you can reach out to their customer service department via chat or phone.