New updates in ScheduleAssist!

Written by on August 7, 2023

We’ve been hard at work adding all kinds of improvements and updates to our new appointment scheduling tool, ScheduleAssist!

If you haven’t seen it yet, ScheduleAssist makes a huge improvement to your scheduling workflow by integrating with your existing calendar, offering automated text message options to schedule and remind contacts (avoid missed appointments), showing you everything in a single dashboard, and allowing you to schedule right within TOTAL. It can even optimize your day by grouping appointments to save you drive time!

What’s cool is that it doesn’t have to replace anything you like within your current process, it just supplements it where you want.

So what’s new?

  1. Better TOTAL integration!
    • Appointment info (date/time/status) transfers to the Appointment section of the Assignment PowerView after the appointment is scheduled; this is configurable so you only transfer what you want to transfer.
    • New columns in the File Manager to easily keep track of which orders need to be scheduled; shows status and appointment day/time once scheduled.
    • You can now launch ScheduleAssist from this view as well (right click menu or file menu item).
  2. Support for Microsoft 365 accounts
    • In addition to Google calendar, ScheduleAssist now integrates with your Microsoft 365 calendar.
  3. Global search feature to easily find appointments
    • Quickly find the appointment you’re looking for with the global search that allows you to search on any information visible in ScheduleAssist: address, appraiser, contact name, contact phone number, etc.
  4. Text reminder notifications help eliminate no-shows
    • This new setting allows ScheduleAssist to automatically remind your contacts on the day before, the day of, or both.  Never have to reschedule that Monday morning appointment your homeowner completely forgot about!
  5. Additional Hours setting
    • Need to make yourself available for just a weekend or two?  Or maybe you want to work extra Saturdays this month?  Instead of changing your standard hours, we now have a way to open up specific days for one-time availability for more appointments.
  6. More suggested times to choose from
    • Choose whether you want Suggested Times to always be on the hour, half-hour, or quarter-hour – whatever works best for you!
  7. New message history tab
    • Easily see all your sent messages in one spot, or resend a message if needed.

See it for yourself!

Even if you aren’t currently super busy, it’s still a great time to try ScheduleAssist! Get your settings dialed in and see how much it helps your overall workflow for appointment scheduling, tracking, and automated reminders to reduce missed appointments.

ScheduleAssist is included in the Elite bundle, or can be purchased individually at or by speaking to our Sales Team at 800-252-6633.

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