Real appraiser stories about our products and people

Written by on June 4, 2014

No one says it better than our customers. Here are the latest stories we've received from appraisers about why they love using our products and our company culture.

“a la mode has been a pioneer in innovation in keeping appraisers up-to-date with technological advancements; not only with advancement to the product itself, but also in education about other technological advancements that can help us as appraisers. Additionally, a la mode has the best technical support of any other software provider in any field with whom I have ever dealt. Everyone I have ever talked to at a la mode has been friendly, professional, and technically competent to help me with whatever problem I was having, and they have always given the impression that they sincerely wanted to help me.
Chris A. Graham, Chris Graham Appraisals

“First and foremost, I think TOTAL for Mobile is the best time-saving creation since the digital camera. I figure this saves me an hour or more on each report I do. The ability to sketch, shoot photos, and take notes in the field, then upload it back to the desktop to complete the report is amazing.

Second, TOTAL makes going paperless easy. Between the Workfile tab and Vault storage, I know I have all the information and research documents in my Workfile, and that my Workfile has been remotely backed up. I haven't had to print a single document since switching to TOTAL.

The Workfile feature is one of the most useful innovations in forms software. I can take various .pdfs and other files and copy them directly into a file that TOTAL associates with that appraisal – e-mails, plans, specifications, PSAs, appraisal order forms, etc. Then, if I want one of those .pdfs as a document in my report, TOTAL can make that happen with just a couple of clicks. This makes something that used to be very time consuming very quick and easy.”
— Mitchell J Frerichs, Broadway Appraisal LLC

“What I like best is knowing that tech support is on the ready at all times. In addition, I really like the QuickLists, dropdown menus, Side-by-Side Comps, mapping features such as location maps, flood maps, and the E&O check, all valuable time savers.”
— Mike Lowery, Lowery Appraisal Service, LLC

All of these time-saving features plus phone support and more are included in your free trial of TOTAL. Click here to get started today and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.