What your peers are saying about switching, marketing, and paperless appraising

Written by on March 19, 2014

More and more appraisers are switching to TOTAL right now. And even long time customers are trying out tools like XSites and XSellerate now that the refis have dropped off. Every day, we get enthusiastic e-mails from appraisers with their stories. Since comments from your peers are more relevant than any brochure or e-mail we could send, we wanted to share some of them here.

Dennis switched from ClickFORMSTM

"After over 10 years using Bradford Technologies ClickFORMS, I made the decision to switch to a la mode's TOTAL software. I first attended the online training webinar, Switching from ClickFORMS to TOTAL. This training helped me understand the ease of making the transfer, how to use TOTAL, and the benefits. Once I purchased the software, the online guide and videos provided the information necessary to start completing appraisals using TOTAL. A product coach is also available, but I have not required this service because the transition has been so smooth. The quality of the software, ease of use and outstanding support has confirmed I made the right choice."

Dennis Yossick
DY Appraisals, LLC

Adele came over from ACITM

"The main reason I switched from my previous software to a la mode is because it was taking TOO long to complete a report.

When I first started appraising I had purchased WinTOTAL and never used it. I started working with my mentor who had ACI, so I returned the software within the 100 days and received a full refund from a la mode. From that moment on (2007), I wondered about a company that would give you a full refund. I knew I would come back to a la mode, and here I am!

My mentor is still with ACI and hating it but my college buddy, who is also an appraiser, switched to WinTOTAL last year and told me on a DAILY basis how much faster she is able to complete her reports.

I LOVE my TOTAL!!!! It has allowed me to seek out more clients, I'm able to complete my reports faster and it is making me get organized. Also, the support team answers the phone and returns messages via emails. That is also something I like.

a la mode gives off the attitude that they do care and are concerned about the problems us appraisers face when it comes to our software. They make me feel as if I have made a smart investment and not as if I'm throwing my money away.”

Adele Marie Coldman
Chicago Heights, IL

Kim switched to TOTAL after attending our "Switching from ClickFORMS" webinar

Kim Mitchell
Rod Mitchell Appraisals

Diane has new confidence in her reports after switching to TOTAL

"I was really struggling with my old software. It crashed every day. The sketcher was a nightmare, with incorrect calculations all over the place. And the spell check was minimal and hazardous. Now that I've switched to TOTAL, I can confidently say that TOTAL is smoother, cleaner, more intuitive, and better laid out. The Buyout Program made switching an easy decision. It saved me hundreds of dollars and the transition was made smooth by the 'Switching from…' webinars a la mode offers. And it's great to know that I can reach Tech Support immediately, no matter what time it is.

I'm so happy with TOTAL. The spell check is far superior. And the Comps Side-by-Side is incredibly helpful, with a single keystroke that carries data cross the whole grid. The Assignments PowerView is great. It, along with the very affordable Mileage Estimator, is great for breaking down the mileage into an easy-to-understand view. Most importantly, I'm much more confident knowing information is consistent throughout the report when I send it off.

In short, TOTAL is more powerful, more stable, and more user-friendly. And as a former graphic artist, I love how easy it is on the eyes."

Diane Rapp
Colorado Appraisal-Steamboat

Bill got new business instantly from his XSite's Fee Quote page

"I do like the concept of the Fee Quote page. Setup was basically simple and a la mode provided good instructions on how to add the page. I did modify my button a little on my site. I was thrilled to see a quick response from two potential customers from the Fee Quote page. The e-mail back from a la mode when the customer filled out the info was great. It went straight to my phone and I was able to contact the customers immediately. I have already set up one new job and I am waiting for a call back on the other. I would recommend the page to anyone who is using a la mode as it seems to be a very good additional avenue to generate more business, and that is always a good thing."

Bill Debs
Coastline Appraisals

Woody uses XSellerate to stay busy in any market

"I have used XSellerate for many years. It does a wonderful job of reaching my clients, and I know they are reached from the status report that I get that shows how many recipients viewed each campaign I send out. Real time feedback on my marketing is awesome. I have created print campaigns with XSellerate too. I take them around to my attorney and other non-lender clients for that personal touch marketing. It's tools like this that appraisers need to focus on in the current market climate. a la mode has always been at the leading edge of residential appraisal technology, and has contributed to my success for more than a decade."

Woody Fincham
SRA, Associates Appraisal Services

Brian saves 30 minutes per report with TOTAL for Mobile

"I have been using a mobile application for many years, beginning with a full WinTotal version on a laptop, in the mid to late ‘90’s, to Pocket Total on a PDA, to WinTotal, to now TOTAL for Android. The new TOTAL for Android allows me to upload my photo pages right at the subject, during the inspection. I use TOTAL Sketch, switching from Apex. While it took some adjustment, I now love it. TOTAL syncs seamlessly. I have eliminated a camera on my inspections. I now carry only my phone, and my laser measurer. I am at my inspection 2-5 minutes longer, but I am assured to have all the data I need prior to leaving. The FieldPad allows me to jot down any and all notes I need, just like the old clipboard. I figure with all the mobile apps, laser measurer, and photos, I am saving, easily, 20-30 minutes PER house.

I will say it does take time to learn and get used to, I have not had any training classes, but if you’re new to the mobile technology, it probably would be a good idea. I am lost without it. I appreciate all the work a la mode has done making these products. Like I said I have been mobile for a while, always wishing for the photos to come along, and finally we have it. I now even start my reports in the mobile app while I’m at the subject. Thanks a la mode for keeping up with today’s technology, and providing products so that we can use it to our advantage."

Brian Van Auken
Van Auken Appraisal Service