What’s up with Titan? We surveyed thousands to see what’s next.

Written by on October 31, 2019

When we released Titan Reports, we made it known that there would be a standard version and a professional version. (You can view the feature chart here.)  

There are a few things remaining before we can move on to Titan Reports Professional, but we’re almost there. It’s important that we get it right the first time by listening to our customers and implementing these features in stages from most requested to least. Which is why we conducted these surveys. 

The users ranged from power-users of Titan Drive (unlimited cloud storage and collaboration)  and Titan Reports (online formfilling) to appraisers that own Titan Drive but don’t use Titan Reports, to customers that don’t own Titan Drive at all, and may have only logged into Titan Reports once. We wanted to get feedback from all customer types.  

Below are the survey questions and results:

The biggest benefit of an online formfiller is the ability to edit reports on a tablet, which is currently in development. This was known from the get-go, but there were certain limitations; such as shrinking forms down to a small of a screen, obtrusive keyboards, shrunken fields are harder to read, double taps zoom in rather than open items, etc. These complexities add significant time to our development schedules.  

Upon Titan Report’s release, we had to make a decision. Do we hold up the release any longer so it can work on a tablet too, or do we release it now, and work on the tablet functionality as we go. We chose the latter because there’s lots of value without mobile access that we wanted to get into your hands. TOTAL for Mobile fills the need for mobile data entry with its inspection workflow. And now we’re making tablet functionality for Titan Reports a priority so it can take you beyond the inspection.

We understand you can’t predict the type of revision you need, but we can knock out the biggest chunk of the report first by giving you access to the main form. Once we get the form optimized for mobile, we’ll move on to the next thing, and so on. Our goal is for you to be able to make any type of revision requested from a tablet. You’ll continue to see Titan Reports getting better. 

As you probably noticed is that “Other” came in second on both questions above. Responses ranged from “all the above” to “third-party integration” with other MLSs. Although we provided direction, there was no true consensus across the board — which is why your ongoing feedback is crucial.  

If you logged in to Titan Reports, you know it’s not in parity with TOTAL. Each time we released a new formfiller, it’s been a modernization of its predecessor. After each initial release, we’ve continued to make improvements and add innovative tools and features to keep you ahead of your competition. Titan Reports is still in its infancy, which is good for customers, because your feedback helps feature prioritization.

After the initial survey, we decided to break down the comps database further by asking if SmartExchange would work in place of your full TOTAL Comps Database. Here’s how people voted: 

This one left us scratching our head. And to be transparent, we haven’t made a decision one way or the other on how we’ll handle the comps database. But there are several options to explore. Our goal is to make your experience feel weightless, yet powerful enough to rival your current workflow. Regardless, know that a comps database of some sort is on its way.  

Looking forward

So, there you have it — an open and honest look at where Titan Reports is headed. As we continue to improve Titan Reports, we can’t stress enough how important your feedback is. All customers have access to Titan Reports, so we encourage you to log in, use it, and make your voice heard.  

In the new age of cloud technology and web applications, there’s so much to explore.  There’s another feature worth adding, an update needed for (security, compliance, etc.), But, you must have not without input from our customers. Which is why we conducted surveys to multiple user-groups.