Tech Tip: Flexible Timeslots in ScheduleAssist

on June 27, 2023

Need a little more time in between appointments today for that complex assignment? Less time between because all you have are drive-bys today? ScheduleAssist gives you control over how flexible you want to be with your schedule.See how in this week’s Tech Tip above. (:56)

Tech Tip: Change Case in Selected Fields

on June 9, 2023

Has this ever happened to you? You start a report from an order file, and some data imports in all capital letters. Going back and manually re-typing that information is a hassle. So let TOTAL do that work for you.  See how this works in this Tech Tip video. (:51)

Tech Tip: Checking Form Compatibility with ENV

on June 2, 2023

In a previous video, we showed how to find ENV-compatible forms to add to your reports. But what if you’ve already done several days of work and want to double-check that all the forms in the report are compatible before delivery? TOTAL’s Contents window makes it clear which forms in your report are compatible. Check […]

Tech Tip: Mobile QuickNotes

on May 9, 2023

Sticky notes are handy. They’re useful in all sorts of situations. But they’re one more thing you have to carry when out on an inspection. What if you could just make those notes directly in your report in TOTAL for Mobile and see them in TOTAL? Click the video above to see how! (:50)