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Written by on September 14, 2016

(Update to the post: We added Daniel DeMeritt and Mike Mila's full quotes about using multi-monitor funtionality in their workflow.)

What slows you down? Take toggling back and forth between screens as an example. Many appraisers are taking advantage of multiple monitors to be more productive. And with our recent TOTAL update with undockable PowerViews, it's a better solution than ever.

Photo courtsey of Daniel DeMeritt, Marketwise Appraisal, LLC

Daniel DeMerrit and Mike Mila are two of many appraisers that use several monitors for their reports:

"I have zero paper to handle because of the multi-monitor setup. All of my documents are right in front of me instead of shuffling through a paper work file. I am able to have multiple TOTAL screens up at once. Mostly I use the addendum writer and the formfiller in two screens. Sometimes I have to open another TOTAL file to import data from one file to another.

With minimal paper/toner costs and zero physical storage costs, I save a lot of money. The total cost for my monitor set up was around $1000 and I spend $300 a year on a la mode’s Vault. Everything is stored securely and repeatedly."

I am using an HP Envy Laptop with an i7-5500U @ 2.4Ghz, a 512BG solid state drive, 16 GB ram, 4 GB Nvidia GTX-950m dedicated graphics card. I also use Startech USB 3.0 monitor adapters (you can attach up to 5) and an Atolla USB 3.0 four-port hub to connect the monitors (you need to have a self-powered HUB, meaning it has its own power supply.) I also use Displayfusion Pro software for monitor management. This allows you to set programs to open in any monitor that you select. It took me making lots of holes in my wall to get the top three monitors in their current positions, but what’s a few drill holes in the name of productivity right?

In this picture, on the top middle (27” monitor) I have the TOTAL's formfiller open, bottom right (24” monitor) is addendum writer, top left (20” monitor) is the sketch program, bottom left (24” monitor) is for contracts and other PDF docs, top right (20” monitor) is for Facebook. I keep in touch with other appraisers nationwide through Facebook groups like “I am a Real Estate Appraiser-The National Coalition” and my groups “Mobile Appraisers” and “Arizona Appraiser’s Forum”."

— Daniel DeMeritt, Marketwise Appraisal LLC

(You can join Daniel DeMeritt's Mobile Appraisers Facebook group here to get the latest news and tips on taking your appraisal business mobile.)

Photo courtesy of Mike Milla, Chicago Appraisals

"My advice to other appraisers would be to get multiple monitors and a la mode’s mobile app. They will love it. Using multiple monitors has definitely made me more productive. It also reduces errors by copying pasting data right from the data source.

I use a la mode's mobile app on an iPad pro in the field too. Then I sync the report back to my desktop with multiple monitors. This process has increased my production by approximately 30% – 40%.

In terms of my workstation, I'm using two 25” HP monitors and one 27” HP monitor and a display link USB 3.0 pluggable docking station to connect them together. TOTAL’s ability to undock sections of the report and put them on different monitors is great! I highly recommend checking out their instructional videos to get started. Also, download TOTAL for Mobile on your phone or tablet and use it in the field.

I’m a loyal a la mode customer because they save me time and money!"

— Mike Mila, Chicago Appraisals, LLC

With the undockable PowerViews, DeMeritt and Mila are able to have multiple TOTAL screens up on their plethora of monitors — allowing them to work on their reports, addenda, and others at the same time without having to shuffle back and forth on one screen.

If you're not sure what equipment you need to get a set up like the ones above, or you don't know where to start, download our Multi-monitor eBook today.


Or click here to see TOTAL working on multiple monitors in action.