How to renew your a la mode services for free

September 10, 2014  |  Ellana Walker

We appreciate your loyalty through the years.  Along the way, you’ve probably told other appraisers why you love our tools.  To thank you for that (in a big way), we launched our Loyalty Rewards Program several months ago.  But, I don’t think every appraiser realizes how much this will actually reduce their operating costs. 

Here it is:  It's easy to take your renewals with us to $0. 

That’s right, use our tools for free.  Zip.  Zilch.  Zero.  And it’s not just for renewals.  Use your credits for upgrades too.  It doesn't matter if you spend $349 yearly or over $1000 with us -- it can all be free.

In other words, this isn't just a referral credit of $5 here and a few points there like other companies offer.  When you tell other people how much you appreciate our tools and they switch, we’ll give you credit for 50% of their purchase.  Think about it...  50%.  That adds up fast. 

Ready to laugh out loud?  Check out the “Portland Appraiser Shop” parody video

September 10, 2014  |  Amber Hanneken

One of our appraiser customers made this parody music video and it cracks us up!  

Check out this version with just the lyrics too:

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TOTAL for Mobile gets its first Sketch Pro feature

September 10, 2014  |  Tracy Boehrer

Trace Mode, the latest time-saving feature released in TOTAL Sketch Pro for desktop recently (click here to learn about it), will be coming to TOTAL for iPad® and TOTAL for Android™ soon.

Trace Mode allows you to trace over an existing area, greatly reducing the effort when drawing multiple levels of a property.  Tracing involves using either the same techniques you already know, or simply tapping the corner points.  Using the "Trace To" feature makes duplicating mutltiple walls by auto-tracing from a start point to an end point you tap.  This makes it a breeze to handle cases where most of the walls are the same.  Just three steps:  Set your starting corner, tap "trace to", then tap the ending corner point.  

Watch Trace Mode in action, here.

Real TOTAL Stories:  Switching, saving time, and more

September 09, 2014  |  Amber Hanneken

If you're a regular reader of our blog, you know that we like to occasionally share stories we get from new and longtime customers.  Here's a sampling of what we've been hearing lately from customers who have recently switched to TOTAL and a longtime customer about why he's stayed with us for 15 years.

Multi-material QuickLists in TOTAL for Mobile

September 08, 2014  |  Tracy Boehrer

Multi-material QuickLists are a convenient way to select multiple items in order to note fields, like external walls and flooring, as more than type of material.

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