Appraiser Tech Tip:  Import a page from PDF into your report

October 06, 2015  |  Joel Baker

Have you ever needed to include a page from a PDF as an exhibit in your report?  Often, it's a copy of the seller's contract or a plat map downloaded from the county website.

Take advantage of SmartAddress’s new features in the newest TOTAL update

October 06, 2015  |  Lauren Hartley

In yesterday's TOTAL update, we added even more functionality to the already-powerful SmartAddress feature.  Now you can compare any property in your Comps Database to any property in your report.  Want to know what Quality rating you gave on the property down the street from one of the comps you're using?  Search and compare directly in the SmartAddress window!  This has been a big customer request and should help you find what you need faster.

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How I Work: Gary Kristensen, A Quality Appraisal, LLC

September 30, 2015  |  Guest Author

This is a guest post from Gary Kristensen of A Quality Appraisal, LLC in Portland, OR as part of our ongoing "How I Work" series.  You can find more articles by Gary on his blog here.

Running an appraisal office means long hours.  Most of my day is spent in a car or viewing properties.  In the evenings after the kids are in bed, I’m usually up late writing appraisal reports, performing quality checks on other reports in the office, and just seeing to the details of running a business.  At least a couple of days each month are spent speaking at real estate offices, and one day per month is committed to my local NAIFA duties.  I am an advocate of a paperless office, mobile desktop replacement tablets, DISTOs, advertising on social media, and I am always looking for ways to make my office more efficient and profitable...

Save time on MLS and calculation work with the Appraiser Genie

September 29, 2015  |  Guest Author

This is a guest post by Andy Arledge, creator of the Appraiser Genie.  Andy has over 30 years of experience in real estate, working as a salesman, a real estate broker, and an appraiser.  In the late '80s and early '90s, he owned and developed custom software for the largest property management company in West Texas.  He's a former member of the board of directors for the Association of Texas Appraisers, holds the ATA-R designation, and maintains an active Texas Certified Residential license.  You can find his Appraiser Genie in the TOTAL Store here.

With Fannie Mae increasing requirements every year (like the new Collateral Underwriter rules and reviews), and my own workload increasing in response, I realized that I needed something that could do more to improve my productivity and boost income.

I started working on an automatic version of a spreadsheet that could take exported comps from my MLS, scrub the comps to make them UAD compliant, sort them, complete the 1004MC, and perform regression analysis, all in just a couple of minutes.  In doing that, I realized I could do a lot more though, including:

  • Verify the address with USPS and geocode
  • Integrate with CoreLogic Realist, to verify properties against public record data
  • Automatically place selected comps directly into my report with a checkbox
  • Automatically analyze data to determine trends, high/low/predominant for Sales Price, Concessions, GLA, room counts, etc.

In short, tasks that used to take days now just took minutes to finish.

Thus, the Appraiser Genie was born.  Read on for details, and check it out in the TOTAL Store (starting at only $5 per report!).

See how this appraiser saves at least 30 minutes per report

September 24, 2015  |  Faye Pham

Ever wondered what a totally paperless appraisal looks like?  We followed Greg Mellies as he inspected a property using a DISTO and TOTAL for Mobile on his iPad.  Greg is one of many appraisers using mobile devices to keep him from duplicating work at the office, resulting in more accurate reports in less time.  Check out this video to see what his mobile workflow looks like:

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