Learn the ins and outs of TOTAL and TOTAL for Mobile from the comfort of your office

April 27, 2016  |  Joel Baker

We get it — you're busy.  That's why many appraisers have asked for more online training options since they couldn't spare the time to travel to one of our live workshops.  Wish granted!  Now you can take some of our popular Roadshow classes online at your office or even in your living room.  The best part is that since these are live classes, not pre-recorded webinars, you still get to interact with our Product Instructors just like a live workshop.  It's a great chance to get your questions answered. 

Here's what's coming up:

  • Whether you want to transition from Aurora to TOTAL or you're looking for tips on how to work more efficiently, Developing compliant reports in TOTAL can help you.  You'll learn how to set up TOTAL for the first time, start reports (from scratch or with a template), add comps from old reports or the MLS, and how to automate your addenda with TOTAL's Worksheets.  You'll also see how to save time editng and adding photos, adding maps, avoiding data entry mistakes with canned comments, and a lot more.  Pick a date that works for you and RSVP here for $149.

Savvi’s data preparation technology

April 20, 2016  |  Guest Author

This is a guest post from the Savvi Analytics team.  This is the fourth installment in a series from Savvi on some recent great improvements.  Previous posts covered how Savvi works, their eBook on regression analysis, and the importance of balancing data.  This week, the focus is on data preparation.  You can find the Savvi automated regression analysis tool in the TOTAL Store here

Data preparation is no easy task…
It’s time consuming and prone to mistakes.  Savvi helps our clients clean and prepare their MLS data for a more meaningful analysis. 
Once our clients load their MLS data into Savvi’s analytical engine, Savvi then cleans and organizes the data, preventing mistakes and saving time.
It is important for appraisers to use a database or statistical analysis program, like Savvi, that they can format to fit their needs and organize their data effectively.

Tech Tip Special Edition:  Things you didn’t know about TOTAL for Mobile - Rooms

April 19, 2016  |  Lauren Hartley

When you're gathering data at a property, you're probably used to jotting down details as you go from room to room to type up in your report later.  TOTAL for Mobile's Rooms feature makes it easy to not only enter these room-by-room details, but also eliminates the need to retype your notes when you get back to the office.  While completing your sketch, just label the room and double tap the label to access the Rooms feature.  From there, you can add notes, details, even photos as you go.  See how it works in the video below:

The right balance of data can make all the difference

April 14, 2016  |  Guest Author

This is a guest post from the Savvi Analytics team.  This is the third installment in a series from Savvi on some recent great improvements.  Previous posts covered how Savvi works and their eBook on regression analysis.  This week, the focus is on data quality.  You can find the Savvi automated regression analysis tool in the TOTAL Store here

Savvi has made some great improvements we're going to tell you about over the coming weeks.  This week, let's talk about data quality.

Savvi's data quality control takes your MLS data and strikes the right balance of data to give you the highest level of analysis.

Let Savvi Regression Analysis strike the balance you need for a quality report.

Two things to check for before getting a new PC

April 13, 2016  |  Lauren Hartley

Wondering if you need a new computer?  It's possible your current machine may just need a slight tune-up.  Check out this excerpt from our PC buying guide for appraisers for a few ideas that could make your "Ol' Faithful" run like new again: 

Trying to decide whether you should buy something now or wait for something better can be a challenge. While there’s nearly always something “better” just around the corner, waiting isn’t always the best idea. Technology moves at a rapid pace, and anything you buy today will likely seem outdated fairly quickly regardless of what you buy. Generally speaking, our recommendation is that you’re better off buying something now, rather than waiting. This is because you can begin gaining benefits from any new PC immediately, and then could selectively choose to upgrade again later as necessary or as your budget allows.

Do you really need a new computer?
Are you strapped for cash? Budget limited? How long has it been since you bought your computer? Before we jump into the specifics for new hardware, consider your current PC first.  You may be able to breathe new life into it for a relatively low fee, improving its performance for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

There are two common, relatively inexpensive upgrades that you can make on either a desktop PC or a laptop. They are:

1. Add RAM
Random Access Memory, or RAM, is your computer’s virtual “swap space.” In effect, it’s where your computer puts information and data being accessed (read or written) so that it can be used by the program or hardware.

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