Free guide:  Break free of lender assignments

April 17, 2014  |  Paul Stansberry

Did you see our post with Rick Neighbors a few weeks ago?  (You can read it here if you missed it.)  We like Rick's story because we've always been dedicated to helping appraisers stay busy, even when mortgage work is slow.  After all, when you're working, we're working.

That's why we put together a new eBook dedicated exclusively to getting non-lender assignments, Break free of lender assignments.

Sneak peek of the changes coming to your XSite

April 17, 2014  |  Ellana Walker

Over the last few months, we’ve upgraded our XSites engine in the agent and mortgage markets.   We’re wrapping up those changes for Appraiser XSites now.  Here's what to expect in just a few weeks -- specifically mid-May.

Log into your admin from any browser (not just Internet Explorer)
All major PC and Mac browsers are supported without any extra steps.  So, whether you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE, you’ll be able use your site’s admin area.  This way you can make changes to your XSites without switching back and forth between browsers.  It's been a big request from our customers. 

Just announced!  One-day Mobile Workshops

April 16, 2014  |  Amber Hanneken

We've just added two new Mobile Workshop dates in Jackson and Baton Rouge.  We know spring can be busy for many appraisers, so we condensed our course into one day instead of two and cut $100 from the ticket price.

You'll still get expert hands-on training, including step-by-step guidance in creating a complex, nearly 5,000 sq. ft. sketch on a mobile device.  You'll leave having completely finished a mobile sketch, with curves, symbols, and all.

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Estimate your mileage from your house, not your office

April 15, 2014  |  Joel Baker

If you typically start driving to your inspections from somewhere other than your office (say, your house or a coffee shop), you can change a setting in TOTAL that tells Mileage Estimator where you start, which can give you a more accurate calculation.

Our systems not impacted by Heartbleed

April 10, 2014  |  Ellana Walker

Our systems were not compromised by the Heartbleed bug.

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