Advice to review appraisers: get out in the field more often

July 01, 2015  |  Guest Author

“Just do as I say.” 

Sound familiar?  It's a common parental response to children constantly asking "Why?"  Both of us have raised at least one child to adulthood, and that answer works when you don't have a better answer or are short on time.  In many ways, it's the same thing we hear back from review appraisers.  Certainly, many don't mean for it to have the same tone as a frazzled, authoritative parent, but that's often how it comes across.

It's not uncommon for reviewers and chief appraisers to focus only on the work they do for their organizations, thus losing sight of the day-to-day details that field appraisers deal with, and vice versa.  We've worked on both sides of the profession, and know it's easy to lose touch with the other side when you do the same job every day.

So, what's the solution?  We think it's simple: Review appraisers (or anyone in a position of judgment) should also have recent experience in the field, doing the same type of work.

Mercury Desktop has changed to TOTAL Connect

June 23, 2015  |  Amber Hanneken

As announced early last month, Mercury Network is no longer a part of a la mode (click here for details).  To eliminate any confusion, today's update changes the names of our delivery tools from Mercury Desktop to TOTAL Connect and MercuryDirect to TOTAL Connect Pro. However, there won't be any changes to your workflow. 

You'll just notice the new TOTAL Connect name on what was formerly Mercury Desktop. It's the free tool you use to deliver to many of your clients via DataCourier, XSites, or other available plugins.


Coming soon to TOTAL for Mobile

June 18, 2015  |  Tracy Boehrer

The next release of TOTAL for Mobile is all about refining existing features, based almost entirely on feedback from our users.  We've received a lot of feedback for small changes that will actually make a big difference in how you work in the app, including time-saving features like being able to see at a glance the form you’re on and which comps or forms have (or need) photos.  Keep the feedback coming!  We get many great ideas and really do rely on you to tell us what you need.

TOTAL’s SmartStart has been brought to TOTAL for Mobile.  Tailored for mobile, it streamlines file creation on the mobile side.  For those that use a template to create reports, the new SmartStart lets you create the new file using that report.  This saves you a step of having to do it manually using the Save As feature.

Give your E&O checklist its own screen

June 16, 2015  |  Joel Baker

Appraisers have been using E&O checks in their software for years, and they all work pretty much the same way.  But with TOTAL’s multi-monitor capabilities, running your E&O check can be done faster and more easily.

New Freddie Mac UCDP hard stops effective June 30th

June 15, 2015  |  Wayne Jarvis

Back in April, Freddie Mac announced changes to their UCDP feedback messages effective June 30th.  An upcoming update for TOTAL and WinTOTAL will include changes to E&O messages to address the new requirements.  As always, these updates are free as one of the many benefits of your membership.


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