Roadshow is eastward bound

July 23, 2014  |  Amber Hanneken

We've had a lot of requests for more eastern stops on our Modern Appraiser Roadshow tour.  I'm happy to announce that we've added Atlanta and Philadelphia to our calendar.  And with that, all of our 2014 Roadshows are now available. 

Here are the details for our Eastern US events:

Copying fields from one form to another

July 22, 2014  |  Joel Baker

Sometimes, it's helpful to automatically copy data from a field on one form into a similar field on another form.  This keeps you consistent, saves you a little bit of time with each report, and is easy to do using TOTAL's Worksheet PowerView

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TOTAL update now live

July 22, 2014  |  Filip Koutzev

A new update is now ready for TOTAL users.  To download this new update, plus any prior updates you may have missed, just click Help (with TOTAL open), and then click Check for Updates.

Here are the three new features you'll appreciate:

  1. Deliver reports directly from the Appraisal Desktop.  It saves you clicks and time, since you don't have to open a signed report to deliver it.

Five reasons switching to TOTAL is easier than you think

July 17, 2014  |  Amber Hanneken

If you've seen any of our advertising, you know TOTAL has features for speeding up your workflow that you don't get in your current software.  You may also know that we'll buy out your contract with your current vendor and you'll get unlimited maps, flood and census data, UAD XML delivery, mobile, and more. 

But maybe you're worried about switching because of the time it's going to take to learn new software.  Put those fears to rest.  Not only is TOTAL intuitive to use and built on the newest technology for today's appraiser, we also have lots of resources to help get started the way you want.  Whether you want to see what a completed report looks like in TOTAL, have someone talk you through the set up process, or just convert your old files and get started, we have you covered.

Here are five reasons switching is easy:

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Follow the money

July 16, 2014  |  Matthew Biggers

As you may have seen recently, we’ve rolled out a great new appraisal industry advocacy platform.  Please take a moment to learn more about our Community Partnerships Program ( – through which we expect to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars back to local and state-level appraiser coalitions and organizations.  That’s where we think the real fight is taking place to protect the rights of appraisers, and so that’s where we’re putting our money. 

But it’s not just about where we’re putting our money – it’s also about where you’re putting yours.   That’s why I wrote “Follow the money” in the subject line of this email.  Follow what you spend with your vendors.  What do they do with your money, year after year?   Do they give to causes that support you?  Do they reinvest it in the tools you need and want?  It doesn’t seem so.

If you took a time machine back to 1998, you’d find that their products are pretty much the same as today.  That’s not surprising, since some of their tools still rely on Windows 98-era technology and compilers.  As one small example, isn’t it insane that it’s mobile-centric 2014 and yet none of the other vendors have developed their own in-house mobile appraisal inspection tools?  And what about free UAD upgrades and XML creation?  Where did all your money go for so many years?

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