Tired of calculating angles?  Get the latest TOTAL for Mobile Update

Written by on October 31, 2017

It’s the little things in life that add up and make for a great day. Like taking photos of comps and making it out of the neighborhood without fearing for your life. Or, finding that one AMC you don’t have to hunt down Liam Neeson style to collect your money.

Or getting today's TOTAL for Mobile update. It’s packed full of time-saving sketch features that you’ve been asking for.
Hint! They're custom and do the math for you…

Organize sketch labels in any order

Steve Perry said it best: Anyway you want it. That’s the way you need it…
And on that note, we’re introducing the ability to shuffle your sketch labels however you’d like. Historically, they’ve been organized alphabetically, but now we're giving you control. (BTW, thanks for the feedback.)
Before you head out on your next inspection, pick your favorites and move them to the top. it will only take a few seconds.
From the sketch tab, hit the Label button. Sort by Custom. Then select Edit. From there, just drag and drop. Don't forget to press Done to save your settings.

Quickly see room counts from the sketch

TOTAL for Mobile’s Room-by-Room feature has turned out to be one of the most used tools in the app. Which is why it’s no surprise we continue to add more features and upgrade its current ones.
If you’re an avid RbR user, then you already know every time you drop a bedroom label, the room count goes up.
Well, we’ve made the room verification process quicker. Just tap the calculator icon at the top of your sketch, and the Area Calculation Summary will display. (If you're using a phone, hit Fn, then Info.)
If you weren’t using this feature before, the Area Calculation Summary is where you can come to double-check the living and non-living calculations, and now the rooms count.

Need the inverse angle? Flip it!

Supplementary angles are a pain to calculate on the fly. You have to subtract the number on your gauge from 180 degrees. Then you can enter that anlge into TOTAL for Mobile.
It's not like you're doing calculus or anything, but it's annoying because you either exit TOTAL for Mobile to open the calculator on your device, or spend 10 seconds trying to do the math in your head.
In an industry where time is money, every second counts.
Now you can just type in the angle from your miter gauge, and use the Flip button to toggle between the options and choose the one that's applicable.

This update wasn't all fun. We worked on some things too…
For everyone:

  • When you update the name of the room using the Room-by-Room feature, the associated sketch label will update too.
  • Additional data fields have been added to Area type rooms.

For Android:

  • UAD style QuickLists no longer require two taps in the field to display the QuickLists. (Ex. The View or Location fields)

For iOS:

  • The Distance To Close indicator on phones no longer shift to the top of the screen, and the font size is larger making it easier to see.
  • Audio now works when using turn-by-turn directions on iOS 11.
  • A correction was made that prevents the photo indicator from displaying unless there's a photo associated to the sketch label.

Don’t have TOTAL for Mobile? Get it here:

(Fire HD)