Newest timesaving features from Savvi

Written by on May 25, 2016

This is a guest post from the Savvi Analytics team. You can find the Savvi automated regression analysis tool in the TOTAL Store here.

Savvi has made some great improvements. This week, let's talk about five new features that will change the way you look at data.

  • Automated Data Preparation
    Savvi's new Data Preparation Tool prepares your MLS data for analysis.

    Savvi reviews your MLS file and removes outliers for the highest results possible. If your data is too broad or too narrow, your model is unstable. Savvi will tell you if your search needs tweaking and gives you the correct MLS search parameters to ensure your data is ready for analysis.

  • Market-driven analysis
    Looking for comps that have the same features that drive the market? Savvi's new Market-Driven Analysis Tool helps you find them automatically.

    What makes a comparable similar? Sq.Ft., Bath, Bed, Garage? Most homes have these features. The question is, which features drive the market in the subject area? What group of features has the biggest impact on value? With Savvi's Market-Driven Analysis Tool, you can find comps that have the same market drivers as the subject.

    No other software gives you this type of analysis.

  • Feature Seeker
    Savvi's new MLS Comment Reader helps you find properties that have the same unique features as the subject (open space, golf course, water, etc.), for an easier paired sales analysis.

    The only way to do a true paired sales analysis is to find a property that is identical to the subject property or adjust to the standard "the subject" by running a multivariate analysis and applying the adjustments. Now that you have two identical properties, paired sales analysis is possible. Once you have selected your comps for a paired sales analysis, Savvi will automatically make the adjustment for you.

  • Condition Adjustment
    Savvi reads over 70,000 REALTOR comments and extracts keywords like "updated kitchen/bath/bed", "granite counter top", "new", etc. It then adjusts for any differences in condition while considering the age of the home.

    Savvi's unique algorithm makes condition adjustments easy and consistent. Savvi is the only company that adjusts for condition, which is key when it comes to valuing a property!

  • Data Auto-fill
    Savvi saves you time by filling in your report with comparables, support analysis addendum, and regression-based adjustments. Now, it also fills in your 1004MC inventory analysis, median sales and list price, DOM, Sale/Listing%, seller concession trends, and REO factor in the market.

Big data without big analysis can cause big mistakes! Click here to check out Savvi Analytics in the TOTAL Store.