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TOTAL update:  New SmartFilters and more QuickLists abilities [Video]

on June 22, 2017

In the latest TOTAL update, you’ll find new features in the Appraisal Desktop and the Overflow Addendum: Missing. Deleted. Gone. Three words no appraiser should ever say Have you ever accidentally deleted an old report and thought “meh, no biggie, I’ve got a backup”? But then you search through your archives, and it’s nowhere to […]

Tech Tip Special Edition:  Things you didn’t know about TOTAL for Mobile – Multi-material QuickLists

on May 10, 2016

Want to quickly add two or even more material values to your improvement fields? Multi-material QuickLists saves you time by letting you add several values (like wall materials and conditions) at once while you’re in the field. The best part is it works on every single-line text field in your report. Exclusive to TOTAL for […]