What if you lost all your reports tomorrow?


When it comes to file storage solutions for appraisers, there are four basic elements you'd need to take into account:

  • It should be large — You have to keep at least five years of reports, no matter how you store them, either in paper file cabinets, hard drives, or some online storage solutions.
  • Your files should be shareable — You also need to share these files with your clients, trainees, and colleagues.
  • It should automatically backup your files and software settings — How about backing up your data including software settings, QuickLists (or you can call it canned comments), contacts, signatures, and comps database?
  • It should recover your files when stuff happens — Would you be able to recover you files quickly and easily if catastrophes strike your appraisal business?  
Does your storage solution do all of this?   If not,  then it doesn't serve the basic needs of an appraiser.

Upcoming training:  Improve your skills from the comfort of your living room


Wouldn't it be nice to learn how to simplify and improve your appraising workflow while sitting in the comfort of your living room (or from anywhere with an Internet connection)?  Now you can take some of our popular Roadshow classes online.  The best part is that since these are live classes, not pre-recorded webinars, you still get to interact with our product instructors.  It's a great chance to get your questions answered.  

Appraisal Tech Tip:  Restore your TOTAL settings in six clicks with Exact


Are you moving to a new computer?  Do you want TOTAL to perform like it did on the old machine?  Exact can do this for you.

First, make sure your Exact is installed on the new computer.  Then after just six clicks, voila!, your QuickLists, contacts, user settings, comps database, and digital signature are downloaded and ready to use on your new machine.  Don’t hire a technician or waste hours, even days manually updating your customized settings.  Watch the video below to see how Vault with Exact makes your transition easy and simple.

FEMA.gov vs. InterFlood flood map — who will be the victor?


If you’re using FEMA to get flood maps for your appraisal — you’re wasting time.  What’s shocking is how long it takes to get a map from FEMA.gov versus adding an InterFlood map straight out of the TOTAL system.  Watch the video below to see exactly how using an InterFlood map from TOTAL is the quicker and more convenient solution.

Tech Tip Special Edition:  Things you didn’t know about TOTAL for Mobile — Multi-line Fields


In the clipboard-and-paper process, you learned to keep your written comments brief, and to-the-point while you were in the field.  You took good notes, but you often didn’t take the time to write out multiple paragraphs for comments on your clipboards – that was for later, back in the office when you could type and have access to your common responses, or QuickLists, in TOTAL.

See TOTAL for Mobile's Multi-line Fields in action here.

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