TOTAL Store spotlight: Appraiser Genie — Increase your report productivity by 50% with accurate and consistent data.


Guest post from Andy Arledge, creator of the Appraiser Genie. Andy has over 30 years of experience in real estate, working as a salesman, a real estate broker, and an appraiser.  In the late ’80s and early ’90s, he owned and developed custom software for the largest property management company in West Texas.  He’s a former member of the board of directors for the Association of Texas Appraisers, holds the ATA-R designation, and maintains an active Texas Certified Residential license. You can find Appraiser Genie in the TOTAL Store.

TOTAL Store spotlight: Spark — Now with public records and expanded coverage


Guest post from Brandon Reich, an  appraiser, owner of Choice Valuation, PLLC and creator of TrendSheet 4 and Spark. You can find TrendSheet 4 and Spark in the TOTAL Store

We launched Spark nine months ago with great reviews and feedback but one thing that held some appraisers back was the lack of integration with public records.  We recently launched a pretty big update that completely re-vamped the software.  In this update we’ve added not only public records but many other much-requested features as well.

TOTAL Store spotlight: Synchpin makes your life easier with automated syncing


This is a guest post from Andy Steffen, an appraiser for the last 15 years and founder of Synchpin.  Check out Synchin in the TOTAL store here

Synchpin was designed by appraisers for appraisers, to provide a user-friendly system to track and schedule appraisal assignments, while also avoiding redundant data entry.  With Synchpin, appraisers can stay on top of work in progress.  

Going Mobile: How to choose the right DISTO™ for your next appraisal


A DISTO™ is one of the most beneficial tools for an appraiser looking to go mobile.  It makes measuring properties easier and faster, and when paired with TOTAL for Mobile, it can help your business go totally paperless.  

But you may be skeptical to take the leap from your old-school tape measure and clipboard - we get it! You don't want to end up with an expensive red paperweight on your desk.  The first step in selecting the right tool is knowing your options. Here's a quick intro on the different varieties of DISTO™s available, and how to select the right one for your business.

Appraiser Tech Tip:  Recover your latest files in three minutes with the Vault


A glitchy hard drive can really ruin an appraiser’s week.  When you’re busy, you need to minimize the technical problems that get in the way of being productive.  But what happens when your hard drive fails completely?  How badly would that affect your deadlines and future turn times?  For many appraisers, losing working files is a catastrophe, and can take hours or days to replace or rebuild the computer so they can work again.

So, what do you do in the meantime?  You could get a new hard drive or a new computer, and some appraisers have TOTAL installed on backup computer somewhere in the house or the office for just this sort of scenario.  Regardless of whether you have a backup machine or simply buy a new one off the shelf, once you get TOTAL and Vault installed on the other computer, you can download your most recent reports to continue working on them in just two or three minutes.

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