Tech Tip:  Don't worry about accidentally deleting your inspection data


We've all been there — being mad at ourselves for deleting an important file.  This TOTAL for Mobile feature would come in handy when:

You have an early inspection, and your coffee hasn't kicked in yet.  You get distracted and accidentally delete a report you haven't synced to TOTAL.

You thought you wouldn't need the file anymore, but you over-estimated your judgement.  Now you want it back.

The Elite 8


You're familiar with the saying "you get what you pay for."  But how often do you hear that "you get more than what you pay for"?  The TOTAL Elite membership is more than just a support contract.  Below are eight (of the many) benefits you recieve by upgrading to the Elite membership. 

  1. 24/7/365 Support — There’s no such thing as an “8-5 Monday through Friday” schedule for appraisers.  That’s why we’re staffed all day, every day.  And yes, that includes holidays.  We understand that deadlines come first and revisions don’t wait.  With an Elite support level, you’ll never be down and out.

How safe is your county (and your appraisal data)?


We like this National Hazard map because it's an interactive way to see how safe your county is from natural disaster.  Having the headquarter in Naples, FL, and Operations Center in Oklahoma City, OK, being well-prepared for natural disasters is in our core DNA.  After all, we live with natural events including hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, and lately even earthquakes.  Our offices are in the top counties with highest natural hazard risk.

Since we support more than a half of the nation’s appraisers, we’ve invested millions into disaster-proof and recovery systems.  Even though you probably don’t have a giant power generator, it doesn’t mean you just leave your business up to chance and hope that disasters won't strike your office.

5 reasons every appraiser needs a website


An online presence is more important than ever.  According to RetailingToday, 81 percent of consumers research online prior to purchase.  And when that investment is related to the most valuable item in their life, their property, you can bet they'll spend some time searching for information.  A website for your appraisal business gives potential customers everything they need to make a decision. Here are five reasons you need an appraisal website.

Appraisal Tech Tip:  Categorize your reports quicker and easier with color coding


New in TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop — We've added a categories option to help easily identify and group your reports.  Pick a color category for a group of related reports — such as waiting on homeowners, pending inspection, completed, in progress, etc. — to quickly see where your reports are in the process. This feature makes it easier to see each report's status and stay organized.  See how it works in the video below.


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