Import comps, fill out your 1004MC, and much more with these analytics vendors


You're perpetually looking for ways to save time with your reports.  But what tools are you actually using to make your life easier?  In the TOTAL Store, we have a wide variety of vendors that can import comps, automatically fill out your 1004MC, and do your adjustment analyses.  Each of the vendors below provides a unique service to make filling out your report simpler.  They also integrate seamlessly with TOTAL

Commercial appraisers, start saving more time with InterFlood


If you’re a Commercial Appraiser and you’re using FEMA to get the flood data for your narrative appraisal reports, then you’re getting your subject and comp flood data the hard way.

Adding flood maps to your appraisals is an important step for our commercial appraisers, but generating a flood map to add into a report may seem like a tedious step if you're using another provider to get your flood maps.

5 things you didn't know about Vault


Are your reports protected?  If your business suffered from a computer crash or natural disaster, could you be back up and running the same day?  Chances are, no – or at least not as well or fast as you think.  The Vault stores and protects over 14 million reports for appraisers.  However, some people are still hesitant to take the plunge.  Below are five common myths that are busted by the Vault.

Appraisal Tech Tip:  Save every supporting document with your report without paper


Important documents like deeds, contact emails, property records, plats, zoning maps, engagement letters, and photos are important and unique to every report.  Where do you usually save them?  Do you print them out and shove them into a cabinet?  Or create a new folder every time you want to save another report?  

TOTAL for Mobile updated for iOS 10


TOTAL for Mobile has been updated to run properly on iOS 10.  If you're planning on updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10, and who isn't, you'll need to update TOTAL for Mobile too.  Of course, even if you're not planning on updating to iOS 10 right away, this update will continue to run properly on your current version.

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