Tech Tip Special Edition: Add listings and rentals to the ERC and Small Income forms


If you've ever performed a drive-by inspection on a rental or listing, then you've probably experienced the same pain as many other appraisers.  You spend time jotting down inspections notes and quickly try to transition to taking pictures with your camera, all while trying to be discrete.  Fortunately, TOTAL for Mobile has alleviated this situation.  

You can now add listings and rentals to the ERC and Small Income forms.  In just a few clicks you can fill out information, take photos, and watch them appear on your map.  From the map, you'll be able to tell whether a photo has been taken of the listing, tap on it for directions, or jot down a quick note and be on your way.  

TOTAL Update: Sync photos directly from your mobile device into your report.


You can now add photos from your phone or tablet directly to reports. Simply:

  • Plug your device into your computer
  • Use the QuickPix importer to navigate to the folder
  • Select the photos you want and click import

This eliminates the hassle of having to use a separate camera in the field.  No more going back to the office and uploading your images on your computer, only to have to upload them again into the QuickPix Database.

Tech Tip Special Edition: Note taking made easy


You're in the field and you notice some water damage to the interior wall of the bathroom.  The homeowner is standing inches away watching your every move.  You normally voice-record your notes for the sake of time, but with the zealous — maybe even overbearing — client nearby, that may be a little too risky.

Don't worry, we've got you covered.  TOTAL for Mobile offers several avenues for note-taking.  If voice recording isn't a viable option, try typing your notes real quick. Or, if typing on your mobile device slows you down too much, simply hit the notes tab and select the "draw" button.  It's quick, easy, and a life saver for moments like the all-too-relatable scenario above. 

TOTAL for Mobile gives you the freedom and peace of mind to adjust your workflow on the fly.  Watch this video below to see how.

Stressed about deadlines this holiday season?  It may be time to hire help.


Like every year, the holidays get closer and life just gets crazier, right?  And if you're already behind on your deadlines, making time to see your family or get any holiday shopping done can be extremely difficult.

All of this chaos might have you daydreaming about hiring someone to help.  But the idea doesn't have to be a dream, and you don't need to let yourself get burned out.  Whether you want a trainee, a data entry assistant, or even another appraiser, having an extra hand during the holidays can both free up some of your time, and help you meet those deadlines.  

New forms in TOTAL for Mobile, faster geocoding, Google Maps, and more


TOTAL for Mobile is designed to save you time in the field.  Your feedback allows us to add new features and improve the ones you love.  You asked for better geocoding and access to more forms —  and TOTAL for Mobile delivered.

Geocode properties instantly 

Geocoding a property is a popular feature because it accurately places your subject on the map by getting the longitude and latitude.  This release speeds the process by automatically geocoding all properties in your report. While you can still manually geocode a property — for example when you're appraising new construction — it's no longer required that you geocode each property one at a time.  In fact, as you enter the address for a property it's automatically geocoded with as little as the street address and zip code. Click here to view more information on geocoding. 

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