TOTAL for Mobile updated for iOS 10


TOTAL for Mobile has been updated to run properly on iOS 10.  If you're planning on updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10, and who isn't, you'll need to update TOTAL for Mobile too.  Of course, even if you're not planning on updating to iOS 10 right away, this update will continue to run properly on your current version.

How safe are your passwords?


You have a username and password for TOTAL, and we're guessing you have plenty of other online accounts for your appraisal business that require unique login information.  Maybe you're using the same password for your various appraisal accounts.  Or maybe you're continually tweaking your "default" password so it's different for every account.  Either of these methods creates problems, though.  If you use the same password every time, then you're likely to get one (or many) of your accounts hacked.  Or, if you change up your password a little bit every time, you probably forget which version of it goes with which account.  

Up your multi-monitor game


(Update to the post:  We added Daniel DeMeritt and Mike Mila's full quotes about using multi-monitor funtionality in their workflow.)

What slows you down when you're working on a report?  Take toggling back and forth between screens as an example.  During this busy time of year when time is of the essence, you need anything that will help you speed up your reports.

Many appraisers are taking advantage of multiple monitors in order to be more productive with their appraisal work.  And with our recent TOTAL update with undockable PowerViews, our appraisers have been starting conversations on appraisers' online forums and Facebook groups about TOTAL's multi-monitor functionality.

Tech Tip Special Edition:  Things you didn't know about TOTAL for Mobile - Geocode Properties


One of the best things about TOTAL for Mobile is its Geocode feature. Imagine you're standing on a brand new construction site, and the address is not yet searchable on any mapping device.  Fear not!  You can geocode this type of property in just a few taps.  TOTAL for Mobile updates the geocode from where you're standing using your GPS location.  Watch the video below to see how.

Your XSite just got a major upgrade


Your XSite has always been a powerful website to help you land high-fee, non-lender work.  And we’ve made it even better.

Here’s a list of some of the big things that we’ve added lately and what's live for your Appraiser XSite as of today:

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