TOTAL for Mobile’s snappy new camera

Written by on July 7, 2017

Until now, TOTAL for Mobile used your device's camera by default, which prompted you to either use the current photo or retake it. It was cumbersome. So, we built our own camera. From now on, simply pick a room, snap a photo, and move on to the next one. It's much faster.

Watch it in action:

Once you've downloaded the latest update, do this:

Apple devices
To turn the new camera on, open Settings from your home screen. Tap "TOTAL" (near the bottom), then disable the "Use System Camera" option. The next time you take a photo, the new camera will be used.

As a bonus, this camera is more stable than using the default device camera. If you've been having problems with the app closing while taking photos, give this a try.

Android devices
Creating a camera on Android poses a significant challenge due to the huge number of different devices on the market. So, it's only available on Android 5.0+ devices. To enable it, go "Settings" from the side menu on the Files screen. Then uncheck the "Use System Camera" option.

Enjoy! We hope you save lots of time and clicks with the new camera.

And, as always, if you have ideas for TOTAL for Mobile, send them our way. Your feedback fuels what we add to our updates.

Don’t have TOTAL for Mobile? Download it free for Android, iOS, or Amazon Fire HD™ here. And if you don't have TOTAL, you'll want to get a free trial so you can see how effortlessly your inspection data flows into your desktop formfiller. Get your TOTAL trial here.