Import comps, fill out your 1004MC, and much more with these TOTAL Store vendors

Written by on September 29, 2016

NEW: If you need to fill out the 1004MC, consider Titan Analytics. It's our streamlined solution for needless re-typing from your MLS website!

You're perpetually looking for ways to save time, especially when it comes to tedious property data keying and detailed analysis.

In addition to our own in-house solutions, you'll find a variety of products in the TOTAL Store that can import comps and help with your adjustment or trend analyses. Each of the vendors below provides a unique service to cut your turn times and boost accuracy. And thanks to our TOTAL Store platform, they also integrate seamlessly with TOTAL — no copying and pasting.

1. DataMaster

DataMaster is a tool designed to put money back in your wallet. DataMaster directly imports MLS and public records data, correctly calculates the 1004MC, and offers professional graphs and charts to reflect your approach. With this app, you can increase your productivity through a solution that offers automatic calculations, direct data important, and so much more.

DataMaster can increase your productivity by 25% or more. Click here to get started.

2. TrendSheet

TrendSheet integrates with TOTAL to save you time and let you dive deeper into your data. With no subscription fees of any kind, you buy it once and own it. TrendSheet fills out the 1004MC, creates charts, and provides trend analysis for pricing, concessions, and distressed sales going back up to two years. Plus, you get multiple adjustment indicators based on three different appraisal methodologies. Want to add on to, or change the formulas? No problem, it’s completely customizable and if you get stuck using TrendSheet we offer unparalleled online and phone support including a library of YouTube videos.

Check out a video for TrendSheet 4 here.

3. Appraiser Genie

Appraiser Genie's Genie Cloud imports up to 3000 comps, automatically performs 5-year trend analysis, calculates 15 adjustments through three different processes. While calculating, Genie Cloud places up to 15 comps you select in the side by side PowerView in TOTAL and automatically verifies the comps with public records. With one click, all selected comps, pdf copies of all calculations, and up to 10 graphs are placed back into your report.

Genie Cloud can place everything back in your report in just one minute. All you have left to do is photos, maps and your narrative to have a completed report. Watch our demo video here, or call 325-704-2592 to get your free 10 trials and a personal demonstration of Genie Cloud.

4. Dynamo MC

Dynamo MC is a user-friendly MLS import tool that automates your 1004MC form, creates attractive charts and reports, and generates data driven comments to explain your market.

Market trends can be discovered using sale/list price, marketing time, discounts, and price per square foot using regression formulas. An automatic regression option can also choose the best trend line to describe your data.

Best of all, Dynamo MC works with any MLS and does not require you to use any spreadsheet software. Once you set it up, you’ll be able to complete the 1004MC in about a minute, and your results will be seamlessly imported into TOTAL. Click here to learn more and get a free trial.

5. 1004MC

TADA! Appraisal Services is the creator of, a website dedicated to the creation of the 1004MC. The TOTAL Store allows you to easily retrieve your 1004mc results and charts into the TOTAL formfiller, which means no data entry. There is nothing to install, Microsoft Excel is not required. Sign up for a free 30-day trial. Now you can get unlimited appraisals for a flat rate of $15/mo. You'll even get free technical support during your trial. See it in the TOTAL Store here.

6. Spark

We all love the 1004MC, right? Usually, to actually know and support the trends in the 1004MC you have to complete a time-consuming and often cumbersome analysis that can include analyzing historic data or even drilling down into other data sets. There’s currently no time-saving tool for appraisers that does all this in a fast, easy-to-use, yet fully customizable way. At Choice Valuation we decided to right this wrong, and by the end of this October this tool will be included in Spark at no extra cost.

Watch a video about Spark's features here.

Still not sure which option is right for you? Remember, Titan Analytics is our integrated analysis tool. It lets you fill out the 1004MC in just a few clicks! We let you customize your calculations, and you get beautiful graphs and charts, too. Give it a try today and you'll get our 100-day, money back guarantee.