Appraiser Tech Tip: Faster UAD fields with FreeForm UAD mode in TOTAL

on October 12, 2021

Have you got UAD pretty much memorized at this point? I mean, it’s been a decade! If you’re still using the form expansions to fill out UAD fields, there’s a faster way, with more control of the form. Enable UAD FreeForm mode in TOTAL, and try your hand at….FreeForm shorthand. Watch our quick video above […]

Tech Tip: Comp selection and validation in QuickSource

on September 13, 2021

With QuickSource, you do your comp vetting and selection from just one screen, seeing all data sources at once. You can: Drag your comps around to rearrange them Remove comps that you don’t want See all the versions from your peers in the SmartExchange comp-sharing database See each of the versions of how you’ve used […]

Tech Tip: Pull correct location maps, 100% of the time

on August 17, 2021

Are you still spending time moving balloons around on your maps whenever you’re pulling location maps for new construction or more rural properties? When you use TOTAL for Mobile, we have a way to make sure your TOTAL maps are right every single time. Watch the short tech tip to learn exactly how.

Tech Tip: Stop typing your MLS data into your reports

on August 10, 2021

Are you still re-typing all your comp data from the MLS into your grid, manually? Comp after comp, report after report? With QuickSource, there’s a better way! See how, in this short video — then sign up to be notified when QuickSource is enabled for your MLS here.

QuickSource update: Your feedback in action!

on May 26, 2021

Haven’t heard about QuickSource yet? No sweat, watch this video. Want to request free, early access? Let us know here. As we continue working with appraisers to develop our newest product, it’s exciting to see consistent, actionable feedback. It helps ensure that we’re delivering the most value to our customers (time-savings, etc.), in a way […]

Tech Tip: Configuring your MLS for QuickSource

on May 21, 2021

Good morning! This is a tech tip specifically for those of you who are a part of the pilot for QuickSource. One of the main benefits of QuickSource is that it combines all your main data sources, one of which is your MLS. All you have to do is export a CSV file of potential […]

Tech Tip: Custom paragraphs as QuickLists in your addendum

on May 3, 2021

TOTAL’s addenda QuickLists let you save paragraph-size common responses. Once you write something in the addendum for one report, you can save it for use in future reports. This way, you don’t have to build addenda templates for every scenario. Instead, use QuickLists to quickly populate your new reports’ addendum with exactly what you need […]

Tech Tip: Stop emailing TOTAL reports to yourself

on April 19, 2021

For most of us, gone are the days of carrying around a flash drive with our current TOTAL file and digital workfiles – or of exchanging flash drives with other appraisers in the office. Cloud-based solutions like Dropbox and OneDrive can be handy.  Yet, despite being better than USB drive, they rely on a manual […]