Labels, Multi-material QuickLists, and more in the latest TOTAL for Mobile update

Written by on April 12, 2017

You read that right. From enabling the stamp mode in sketch to preserved Multi-material QuickLists selections, you’ll zip through your inspections faster than ever before. But, we can’t take all the credit as most of these time reducer ideas came from you, so thanks. Your feedback means a lot.

Read what else is new in the April TOTAL for Mobile release:

Four bedrooms? No problem.

This update lets you select a label and tap your sketch however many times you need to without having to re-select the same label again. When you sketched a home before, you'd have to select a label like bedroom, tap the screen, go back to label, select bedroom again, then tap the screen again, and repeat however many times. Tap. Tap. Tap… Good riddance.

Tile, carpet, wood, oh my!

Have you ever walked into a home and instantly saw three different floor types? Tile, carpet, and wood floors. No sweat. Just use the Multi-material QuickLists to add them and be on your way. This feature is no stranger to TOTAL for Mobile, but in the spirit of being minimal, we cut a few taps out. See how it works here.

Quickly expand or collapse all the field groups

When you’re looking for a single field, the last thing you want to do is scroll through trying to find it. For quick access to the section you need, hit the button to the far right of the title bar and see the fields collapse. Then, just like before, you can select the title of the section you want and expand only that field group.

Map new construction sites in a tap

New properties can sometimes take months before they’ll show up on Google or Apple Maps. So, mapping your current location comes in handy during an inspection. Quickly plot your GPS position by hitting the Current Location button under your subject map. Then, this precise location will flow back into your report on the desktop.

A few more new features:

  • We’ve also added a new form, the GP Land [Letter]. It's our fourth new form this year, with more in the pipeline.
  • You'll easily be able to toggle the Zip+4 and USPS standardization of addresses on or off in the settings.
  • In the Directions tab, you’ll probably notice the Map balloon text is larger for easier reading.

We also corrected a couple things:

  • iOS — Comp photos for comps created on the desktop taken from map balloons now are processed correctly.
  • All: The non-UAD 2055 will no longer revert to form 205.

If you don't already use TOTAL for Mobile, you can read more about getting started by clicking here.

TOTAL for Mobile is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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