Going the extra mile on SmartAddress

on May 6, 2015

I wanted to give you all a quick update on SmartAddress — TOTAL's upcoming new feature for auto-checking every subject and comp address in your report for prior uses and pointing out inconsistencies. We've posted the latest version to our beta appraisers today and will have the live update to you by the end of […]

TOTAL Sketch Pro update: Introducing Photometrics

on March 11, 2015

A new TOTAL Sketch update is now ready for you. To download it, plus any prior updates you may have missed, make sure you have TOTAL Sketch open. Then just click Help menu, and select Get Instant Customer Updates. (Remember that TOTAL Sketch is a completely standalone program, so make sure you get the updates […]

SwiftEstimator® now available in TOTAL Store

on February 16, 2015

At the beginning of December we featured a post from Mary Shulz, the Senior Product Manager at Marshall & Swift®, about their upcoming integration with TOTAL. We're excited to announce that their SwiftEstimator is now available through the TOTAL Store. From the original post: