Appraisal Tech Tip:  Save every supporting document in your report without paper


Important documents like deeds, contact emails, property records, plats, zoning maps, engagement letters, and photos are important and unique to every report.  Where do you usually save them?  Do you print them out and shove them into a cabinet?  Or create a new folder every time you want to save another report?  

These traditional ways cost you both money and time.  Stop wasting time digging through file cabinets only to have to reprint that one plat that couldn't be found. TOTAL's Workfile saves you time by letting you quickly drag-and-drop all the files you needed for your report — keeping them organized to each specific appraisal.  Once complete, simply send it to the Vault to securely save and store your reports along with other relevant files.  Watch the video below to see it for yourself.




Vault's search tool helps you search through appraisal-specific field such as client name, census tract, legal description, map reference, market value, and more.  You'll find exactly which report you need in a few clicks.

Plus, Vault secures your data based on the amount of reports you need, so you won't be nickel-and-dimed on how much you're paying for extra GBs or space.  Simply estimate how many reports you do per year, then choose the best Vault package for your business.    

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