Employee Spotlight: Heather Huskinson


Like appraising, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math) industry is dominated by men, which is why our next Employee Spotlight pick is extra special.

Heather started at a la mode as a support technician in 2013.  It was obvious she had a knack for solving problems, so our QA department snatched her up so she could test updates before they were released.  After a couple of years of doing some good ol' quality assurance, she moved over to developing our desktop formfiller, TOTAL — which is no small task. 

Mobile apps, huh, yeah. What are they good for?


Turns out, they're good for a lot of reasons.

What was merely a bizarre idea 10-15 years ago, have become an overwhelming reality of our day-to-day life.  Whether you like it or not, we live in a connected world. 

Things that used to only be accessible on your desktop (email, software, files, etc.) are now available on your phone, tablet, laptop, and basically anything else with a Wi-Fi or data connection — from anywhere! 

New TOTAL update: Know instantly if your form is AI ready


Have you downloaded the latest TOTAL update?  

Here's what's new in the latest TOTAL update:
  • a quick visual cue to know when a form is AI ready
  • a new QuickLists quick-start feature 
  • new Canadian forms 

Too many .ENV forms to remember?

Have you ever started a report and got all the way to the end, ready to deliver an .ENV file, and realized your major form, or one of the supporting pages, weren't AI Ready?  Don't worry.  You're not the only one.

Employee Spotlight: Jason Krise


Industry leading tech support.  That’s a title that everyone strives to have, but few companies achieve.  We're determined to deliver outstanding customer support to our customers every day.

Speaking of top notch-support, have you ever called in and talked to Jason Krise?  He’s been troubleshooting appraisers' software questions for 13 years.  You could say he knows a few things.  This guy even keeps a Pocket PC (remember those?) at his desk, just waiting for that one appraiser to call in that's still using one.  He cares, and he’ll never leave an appraiser hanging.  So, take a few minutes to learn more about Jason.

See which highly versatile home inspection tool you need to be using


Inspections could be easier

Historically, gathering data in the field has consisted of traveling from one room to another, taking photos with your handheld camera, thumbing through papers searching for the right piece to jot notes down, and occasionally deflecting questions from the homeowner.  

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