Don't Settle: Simple steps for making more money in 2018 


We know how it is:

The new year: a time of reflection — and for most folks with their own business, it’s a reflection on last year’s profits.  It can sting to look over the months where work trickled in from a slow tap — or remember times when lender-based clients low-balled the fees as the industry settled in for the winter months.

Just in time for Christmas, lenders seem to become the least generous.  With data sets to comply with, underwriters to please, and tight deadlines to meet — these days appraisers are doing more and more work for less turnover.

It might feel like you just have to bear it in order to keep getting jobs, even if it’s at a cheap rate.  That’s just how the appraisal business works, right?

No way.  This year, don't settle for low fees, absurd deadlines, or unpredictable income.  This year, make a change for the better.  A change that’s all about increased, stable cash flow.

XSites November update: Draw new business near, and spread holiday cheer


As every minute passes, we're inching closer and closer to the smell of turkey and cranberry sauce. But before you start packing for your holiday travels, take just a minute to plan a little holiday cheer for your clients too. 

Keep your web visitors from hitting the "back" button


You've likely come across one of those websites on your smartphone or tablet that looked archaic, and wasn't mobile-friendly

You had to pinch, zoom, and squint to read the content, and their dated design probably left you questioning the company's level of professionalism. And you may have even gone right back to your Google search and started over again. 

Don't let it be that way for your appraisal clients.  By switching to one of the new mobile-friendly Enterprise XSite themes, you'll customize your site so it looks beautiful on any device, and you'll stand out from your competitors. 

Increase your website traffic with this one easy change to your XSite


As the Internet has evolved over the past few decades, we've all learned to rely upon it pretty heavily — especially for research.

Your potential clients are no different.  If they're looking for an appraiser, they're likely going to turn to a source like Google and search something like, "appraisers in my area". 

But if your website doesn't show up in the search results, those potential clients will probably order from one of your competitors. 

Never re-measure a property again


Let’s say your day starts with a couple inspections.  Everything goes great but when you arrive back at your office, you realize that one of your sketches has a measurement that isn't quite right.  

Your only option is to put the rest of your work on hold to re-visit the property and measure again. 

But scheduling another appointment due to a sketching mistake can be awkward and take up a lot of valuable time. 

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