Tech Tip Special Edition: Note taking made easy


You're in the field and you notice some water damage to the interior wall of the bathroom.  The homeowner is standing inches away watching your every move.  You normally voice-record your notes for the sake of time, but with the zealous — maybe even overbearing — client nearby, that may be a little too risky.

Don't worry, we've got you covered.  TOTAL for Mobile offers several avenues for note-taking.  If voice recording isn't a viable option, try typing your notes real quick. Or, if typing on your mobile device slows you down too much, simply hit the notes tab and select the "draw" button.  It's quick, easy, and a life saver for moments like the all-too-relatable scenario above. 

TOTAL for Mobile gives you the freedom and peace of mind to adjust your workflow on the fly.  Watch this video below to see how.

Four steps to painlessly move reports and preferences to your new PC


Have you ever spent hours (or even days) getting all of your appraisal files and settings back into place?  All because of a hard drive crash or a switch to a new computer.  It’s always better to play it safe with your appraisal data and be well prepared for these situations. 

No matter if you just got a new computer or planning to get one soon, these steps can help you get back on your feet in no time.  (You might want to keep them in your emergency to-do list too.)  They will save you from an unexpected computer crash someday.

Appraiser Tech Tip:  Finding an old report by form type in your Vault


Let's say your best client asks you to take an assignment that's outside your norm. (Maybe it's using the Single-Family Comparable Rent Schedule, 1007)  You accept it and your next step is to look for a similar 1007 you've done.  Rather than going by memory and sifting through file names and address, use Vault's search features.

Vault not only stores your reports for you, but it can double as a search platform that allows you to search through completed reports using appraisal-specific fields.  If you don't remember the address or file name of a specific report, but you know the form was a 1007, just edit your search by selecting the "Major form" column and all your like forms will be grouped together.

Tech Tip:  Don't worry about accidentally deleting your inspection data


We've all been there — being mad at ourselves for deleting an important file.  This TOTAL for Mobile feature would come in handy when:

You have an early inspection, and your coffee hasn't kicked in yet.  You get distracted and accidentally delete a report you haven't synced to TOTAL.

You thought you wouldn't need the file anymore, but you over-estimated your judgement.  Now you want it back.

How safe is your county (and your appraisal data)?


We like this National Hazard map because it's an interactive way to see how safe your county is from natural disaster.  Having the headquarter in Naples, FL, and Operations Center in Oklahoma City, OK, being well-prepared for natural disasters is in our core DNA.  After all, we live with natural events including hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, and lately even earthquakes.  Our offices are in the top counties with highest natural hazard risk.

Since we support more than a half of the nation’s appraisers, we’ve invested millions into disaster-proof and recovery systems.  Even though you probably don’t have a giant power generator, it doesn’t mean you just leave your business up to chance and hope that disasters won't strike your office.

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