New to Titan Reports:  Collaboration features, powerful E&O checking, driving directions


Our Elite customers have been previewing our cloud-based formfiller for several months at  If you’re not Elite and would like to get a sneak peek at what will be our most significant generation to date, call 1-800-ALAMODE or send an email to [email protected]

If you've been following our messages about Titan Reports, you know why everyone is so excited.  Soon, you'll have the freedom to work from anywhere -- with anyone in your office -- without your work laptop or a network.  That's because it's 100% cloud-based and runs on any browser.

What you may not know is we have two other goals with Titan Reports:

1. Make it feel just as powerful as our desktop formfillers, so you won't sacrifice core features.

2. Make the interface so closely resemble TOTAL that you won't have a learning curve.  Just get in and go.

Our last Elite Preview, with its addenda and other Total-esque features, was an example of how we're working to reach those goals.  And this time, our E&O introduction follows that same path.

So, without further ado, here's what's new to the June Preview:

Titan is coming


Every appraiser knows the truly legendary names from the past two decades of our appraisal software — names like Aurora, Athena, Apollo, and Olympus. But now there’s a new one to learn: “Titan”.  And it’s the best one yet, by a long shot.

Titan is our latest-generation, 100% cloud-based forms system.  That means that it runs on any Windows PC with nothing but a web browser — so there’s absolutely zero to install.  You can log in from anywhere, using your favorite browser, and instantly start working.  No updates to worry about, either — Titan sits on our web servers, so it’s always ready, always up to date.  And if your old computer goes south, no worries. In seconds you’re working on Titan again from any other computer with all your files right there in the cloud exactly as you left them. That cloud structure also makes Titan’s networking super easy — securely share anything or everything “in real time” with your assistant, office manager, or co-appraisers, no matter where in the world they may be.

And yes, all of that works in equally spectacular fashion on a Mac, an iPad, an Android tablet, or whatever device you choose.

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Titan Reports is coming!