A closer look at SmartAddress in TOTAL's newest update


SmartAddress, our popular "previous versions" tool, got some big upgrades in the latest update. The changes are available to everyone — regardless of whether or not you decide to opt in to SmartExchange (our peer-sharing service).

Take advantage of SmartAddress's new features in the newest TOTAL update


In yesterday's TOTAL update, we added even more functionality to the already-powerful SmartAddress feature.  Now you can compare any property in your Comps Database to any property in your report.  Want to know what Quality rating you gave on the property down the street from one of the comps you're using?  Search and compare directly in the SmartAddress window!  This has been a big customer request and should help you find what you need faster.

New SmartAddress will check for prior uses automatically


We've been working on SmartAddress, a new free tool that will help you ensure that you're being consistent with your property data from report to report. 

It automatically looks for prior uses of the subject and comp addresses to help you spot discrepancies right away.  It's also an incredible time saver because you can simply copy data into your form from prior uses of not only your comps but subject address too.  You'll cut your typing time and worry less. 

As soon as you type an address in the Comps Side-by-Side or page 2 of the URAR, SmartAddress automatically finds your prior uses of that property.  It then tells you how many uses it's found within your Comps Database.  From there, you can launch SmartAddress to view all of your previous data side-by-side — you don't even have to retype the address.

View a larger screen here.

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