Is that report backed up? Find out instantly with Vault SmartFilters 


You’ve probably heard about Vault – maybe you’re already using it to back up your reports!  If your computer crashes, or you’re affected by something else out of your control, Vault gives you the peace of mind that all of your reports are safe. 

New appraiser eBook: Get Paid (on time)


Not everybody is "good with money" — this doesn't mean your business has to suffer.

Developing good habits when it comes to billing clients not only keeps checks coming in on time, it helps you run your business in general.  Without reliable billing practices, you're disadvantaged when it comes to achieving your financial goals.

By establishing good accounting habits, you'll spend less time dealing with the business side of things — leaving you more time to do quality appraisals or work on other business development efforts.  (Or you could just create more free time to enjoy life!)

Take the guesswork out of basic finance tracking and ensure you get paid on time.

TOTAL update: Easily see your paid and past due invoices with SmartFilters


A new update is ready for you.  To download this update, and any prior updates you may have missed, just click Help (with TOTAL open), and then click Check for Updates.

In this update, you'll find SmartFilters in the Appraisal Desktop.  With SmartFilters, you have access to your accounting information at a glance, and can filter paid and unpaid reports by date and client.  Need to know which clients haven't paid for their reports in the last 30 days?  Just select that filter and see a breakdown of all your clients, how much they've paid, and how much they owe.  It's a great way for you to quickly determine your best and quickest-paying clients.

This is one of many features you'll only find in TOTAL.  Check out the brief video below to see how SmartFilters work:

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