Employee Spotlight: Gary Harper


If you've ever run into a workflow hiccup or an off-the-wall software question while filling out a report, you've probably heard this phrase:  "Thank you for calling a la mode tech support."  Our phone support is legendary, and no matter who answers your call, you know you'll be on the right track in minutes.  With that said, if you're lucky enough to get Gary Harper on the line, then you know he has a signature style. 

Gary is to an appraiser what a solid, dependable pit crew is to a NASCAR driver — lightning quick, straight to the point, and will have you back at work in no time.  Gary has a deep familiarity with our customers and our products, combined with enough common sense to weather even the weirdest technical dilemma.  He sets the bar high for our tech team!

Improvements to your support experience


Based on your feedback, we’ve recently made a lot changes to our support architecture. Here’s a short list of the things we’ve accomplished since August, and what benefits they have for you.

Getting back to work when you need to get a new PC


Getting a new computer, either out of want or necessity, can be stressful.  However, don't fret – when it comes to getting back to work, we've got the resources that will get you going with minimal down time.

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