New to Titan Reports:  Report and template merging, the ability to share PDF and ZAP files, Titan Analytics integration, and more


We've added new features to our cloud-based formfiller, Titan Reports, for you to try.  This will be one of your last chances to let us know what you think before it's released in early 2018.

Titan Analytics:  Fill out the 1004MC in seconds and prevent questions


You don’t rely on just the 1004MC for reporting on market trends, you also rely on more credible statistical information.  With that in mind, we’ve built a fully-integrated tool for automatic 1004MCs, charts, and regression analysis with the goal of providing you instant results. 

Built directly into TOTAL, Titan Analytics allows you to work faster, smarter and create reports with better communication and more credibility than ever before. 

New to Titan Reports:  Collaboration features, powerful E&O checking, driving directions


Our Elite customers have been previewing our cloud-based formfiller for several months at  If you’re not Elite and would like to get a sneak peek at what will be our most significant generation to date, call 1-800-ALAMODE or send an email to

If you've been following our messages about Titan Reports, you know why everyone is so excited.  Soon, you'll have the freedom to work from anywhere -- with anyone in your office -- without your work laptop or a network.  That's because it's 100% cloud-based and runs on any browser.

What you may not know is we have two other goals with Titan Reports:

1. Make it feel just as powerful as our desktop formfillers, so you won't sacrifice core features.

2. Make the interface so closely resemble TOTAL that you won't have a learning curve.  Just get in and go.

Our last Elite Preview, with its addenda and other Total-esque features, was an example of how we're working to reach those goals.  And this time, our E&O introduction follows that same path.

So, without further ado, here's what's new to the June Preview:

New to Titan:  Addenda, hotkeys, floodmaps


Our most recent Preview of Titan was released to our Elite customers last week and is now available.   If you’re not Elite and would like to get in on the Preview, call our Sales Department at 1-800-ALAMODE or send an e-mail to

Titan Preview 3:  Starting and saving new reports


Our third Preview of Titan was released for our Elite customers is available.  If you’re not Elite and would like to get in on the Preview, call us at 1-800-ALAMODE or send an e-mail to

In the first Preview, we focused on filling out the form.  And in the second Preview, we introducing sketching and mapping on the web since these are critical elements.  This third preview added the ability to start a report, customize it with the forms you want, and save it. 

While still in development, this is your chance to get an exclusive glimpse into what we've been working on.  My short video covers it all:

Again, there’s no software to install.  Simply log in here to try what's new:

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