Tech tip: Stay prepared if your computer crashed tomorrow


Ever had to get a new computer on a whim?  Whether you faced a crash, or the grandkids spilled water on your laptop, unexpected purchases are never fun. 
And that's before you start thinking about setting up all your old settings on your new machine...

Is that report in the Vault? Use Vault status icons to find out...


When you have hundreds of reports in the Appraisal Desktop, it can get pretty hard to remember which ones you’ve sent to the Vault or not.  And you need to know if they're backed up in the case of an emergency.  We don’t want there to be any confusion when it comes to the security of your reports, and since you’ve been asking for the Vault Keys back, so we did you one better.

Win big this March with this Elite 8 bracket


March Madness is officially underway and, like millions of sports fans across the country, we’ve got the fever.

While we were busy filling out our brackets and arguing over which team would take home the trophy, we realized we had an Elite 8 of our own.

Below are just eight (of the many) benefits you receive by upgrading to the Elite membership. Click here to read more about Elite and its benefits. (Psst...with the Elite System, you actually get more than what you pay for.)

  1. 24/7/365 Support — You don’t have a Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 job, so neither do we.  Think of us like a teammate.  We’re staffed all day, every day.  And yes, that includes holidays.  We understand that deadlines come first and revisions don’t wait.  With an Elite support level, you’ll never be down and out.

Four steps to painlessly move reports and preferences to your new PC


Have you ever spent hours (or even days) getting all of your appraisal files and settings back into place?  All because of a hard drive crash or a switch to a new computer.  It’s always better to play it safe with your appraisal data and be well prepared for these situations. 

No matter if you just got a new computer or planning to get one soon, these steps can help you get back on your feet in no time.  (You might want to keep them in your emergency to-do list too.)  They will save you from an unexpected computer crash someday.

Appraiser Tech Tip:  Finding an old report by form type in your Vault


Let's say your best client asks you to take an assignment that's outside your norm. (Maybe it's using the Single-Family Comparable Rent Schedule, 1007)  You accept it and your next step is to look for a similar 1007 you've done.  Rather than going by memory and sifting through file names and address, use Vault's search features.

Vault not only stores your reports for you, but it can double as a search platform that allows you to search through completed reports using appraisal-specific fields.  If you don't remember the address or file name of a specific report, but you know the form was a 1007, just edit your search by selecting the "Major form" column and all your like forms will be grouped together.

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