What if you lost all your reports tomorrow?


When it comes to file storage solutions for appraisers, there are four basic elements you'd need to take into account:

  • It should be large — You have to keep at least five years of reports, no matter how you store them, either in paper file cabinets, hard drives, or some online storage solutions.
  • It should automatically backup your files and software settings — How about backing up your data including software settings, QuickLists (or you can call it canned comments), contacts, signatures, and comps database?
  • It should recover your files when stuff happens — Would you be able to recover you files quickly and easily if catastrophes strike your appraisal business?  
Does your storage solution do all of this?   If not,  then it doesn't serve the basic needs of an appraiser.

Appraisal Tech Tip:  Restore your TOTAL settings in six clicks with Exact


Are you moving to a new computer?  Do you want TOTAL to perform like it did on the old machine?  Exact can do this for you.

First, make sure your Exact is installed on the new computer.  Then after just six clicks, voila!, your QuickLists, contacts, user settings, comps database, and digital signature are downloaded and ready to use on your new machine.  Don’t hire a technician or waste hours, even days manually updating your customized settings.  Watch the video below to see how Vault with Exact makes your transition easy and simple.

Automatic Windows 10 upgrade and WinTOTAL Aurora


In July of 2015, we released a memo discussing the incompatibilities between Windows 10 and WinTOTAL Aurora.  (Click here to read the memo.)  In short:

“…Windows 10 does not allow our old WinTOTAL Aurora program to run properly.  Microsoft hasn't been able to resolve the problems we've reported, which deal with the core issues of loading basic program components.  Windows 10 breaks Aurora at a very low level, which we can't fix with any sort of update…”

At that time, Windows 10 was available by reservation only and you would be notified when the download was available for you.  Later that year, Microsoft added it to their Windows Updates as an optional update.  This meant that you would have to manually choose to download the optional update – allowing WinTOTAL users the option to avoid the upgrade and continue using WinTOTAL uninterrupted.

Then, beginning in early 2016, Microsoft became more aggressive with their approach to the upgrade and reclassified it as a “recommended update” for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users.  (Click here to read their blog post about it.)  We’ve heard from a few appraisers who were surprised to find that after they ran their Windows Updates, their computer was automatically upgraded.  When the update was reclassified, if they hadn’t changed the default Windows Update settings, their computer was automatically upgraded to Windows 10 unless they were on the computer when the upgrade happened and were able to decline or cancel it.

Mileage Estimator 2015 is available now!


As 2015 comes to a close, it's time to start fishing out months of receipts and records to figure out your vehicle and mileage deductions for the 2015 tax year.  Or is it?

Appraiser Tech Tip: Organizing your reports


Keeping all of your reports in one folder will get very crowded, very fast.  Eventually, you'll have a long list of reports that can be intimidating to comb though when you're trying to find all the reports from a particular neighborhood, client, or even year.
TOTAL keeps track of your appraisal reports for you and makes it easy to control how your files are organized.  On the left of TOTAL’s File Manager, there are two sets of folders: one blue—your personal folders, and one yellow—your public folders for clients and people in your network.  You can create your own personal folder structure within either one.

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