Titan Analytics’ intelligent mapping makes working with any MLS possible

Written by on August 22, 2017

If you haven't already heard, Titan Analytics works with any MLS that lets you export data. That’s true, but sometimes matching all the necessary fields requires your input. It would be too easy to have consistency with field names across all 600+ MLSs, right? (Example: Titan Analytics needs the Closing Price, but your MLS has it labeled as CloseP.)

Luckily, we knew this and built Titan Analytics to handle this type of situation. When this happens, Titan Analytics helps you adjust the field name in just a few clicks. See it in action below.

When a field can't be identified, Titan Analytics displays a warning message at the bottom of the screen and highlights the field in blue. From there, you can quickly use the dropdown to assign it properly. Best of all, you only have to do this once, as Titan Analytics will remember your selections the next time you use it.

Use Titan Analytics to fill out the Market Conditions form and add credible charts and regression analyses to your report in just minutes. And since it’s integrated with TOTAL, there’s no copy and paste, no extra clicks, or hopping between tools.

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