New appraiser eBook: Get Paid (on time)

Written by on May 11, 2016

Not everybody is "good with money" — this doesn't mean your business has to suffer.

Developing good habits when it comes to billing clients not only keeps checks coming in on time, it helps you run your business in general. Without reliable billing practices, you're disadvantaged when it comes to achieving your financial goals.

By establishing good accounting habits, you'll spend less time dealing with the business side of things — leaving you more time to do quality appraisals or work on other business development efforts. (Or you could just create more free time to enjoy life!)

Take the guesswork out of basic finance tracking and ensure you get paid on time.

In new ebook, Get Paid (on time), you'll learn:

  • The six keys to getting it right when it comes to the invoice
  • Why tracking on paper is the first step to falling behind
  • Three ways to successfully deal with past due accounts
  • Field-tested tips on how improving your customer service directly affects collections
  • How to see what you're owed in a glance
  • How to simplify your billing using SmartFilters to keep track of your accounting
  • Eight ways to deal with notices and demand letters
  • How to automate your notices using your Appraiser XSite and XSellerate

Bonus downloads:

  • Five customizable collection letters
  • Three voice mail scripts

Click here to download the free eBook, Get Paid (on time).

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