New TADA! tool helps you complete the 1004MC in minutes

Written by on September 15, 2015

This is a guest post from Ross Dunham, former Vice President of Information Technology for American Mortgage Express Financial. Ross holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan and MBA from San Diego State University. He also boasts 20 years working for the real estate industry, supporting appraisers, real estate agents, loan officers, and mortgage bankers. You can find his TADA! tool in the TOTAL Store here.

It was 2009, I was at a restaurant lamenting with a group of San Diego appraisers about the radical changes that were going on in their industry. My uncle, an appraiser of 25 years, was particularly concerned with the technical requirements involved with the 1004MC.

My uncle expressed his frustration that not only was he making less money on each transaction, he was now having to do additional work on each file. To alleviate his anxiety we downloaded the necessary templates into Excel, and I showed him the process of completing the 1004MC. We got it down to about 10 minutes from start to finish. He handled all the “thinking,” and I handled all the technical mechanics.

It was then that I saw the opportunity to get this process down to just a few minutes. I asked my uncle, how much time would this would save him? He replied, a minimum of 1-2 hours a month. I asked him if he would spend $10-$20 bucks to save a few hours. He said, heck yes.

Needless to say it was pretty easy to find my first beta tester for the rollout of my newly-created web service, by TADA! Appraisal Services.

The process to complete the 1004MC can now be done in minutes, but he was still left with the burden of manually inputting the numbers into the form. This creates the opportunity for data entry errors and takes additional time.

The TOTAL Store offers the perfect symbiosis with the web service. Now my uncle doesn’t have to enter the data manually into the software, he can import the results from It saves time and reduces the chance of errors. There are also four charts with trend lines that help the appraiser visualize the data trends. The service is useful and creates efficiency.

My uncle recently joked with me about a product with a wider suite of services that also performs the 1004MC. For a moment I felt a genuine sense of panic, I couldn’t fault him for switching to a solution with a broader product offering. If my own family is going to jump ship that is not a good sign for my business model. Of course that product came with a much larger price tag, but the price seemed more than reasonable to me.

I told him with all seriousness that he should make the move. He laughed and slapped me on the back saying he didn’t want to spend more time monkeying around on the computer, he just wants to get the work done. He told me that he doesn’t make more money because he can produce 30 variations of a simple sales chart. He’s still my longest customer, and the streamlined, no-frills service offered by TADA! is the perfect fit for all those appraisers out there like my uncle that just want to keep it quick and simple.

To show how confident we are that appraisers will find our service useful and save time, we are launching with a free 30-day trial, unlimited use, including free technical support. Click here to try it free in the TOTAL Store today!