Tech Tip: Changing area properties in a sketch

on February 6, 2024

We’ve shown you how to modify an area’s line style and color to distinguish it in a report. But what if you want ALL your future balconies to have dashed gray lines? Watch this short video to see how. (:58) You can always learn more about getting the most out of your sketches in our […]

A look back at 2023

on February 2, 2024

There’s no way around it, 2023 was a tough year for appraisers. Mortgage rate increases and difficult market conditions meant there was less work to go around. But you pressed on, focused on what you could control, and we made every effort to help you along the way. We focused on helping you generate non-lender […]

Tech Tip: Customize area lines in your sketch

on January 30, 2024

Sketches can sometimes get complex. One of the ways to visually distinguish between two areas is to change the pattern of the lines for one of them. Watch this video to see how. (:55) You can always learn more about getting the most out of your sketches in our free webinars. Find the one that […]

What We Know About UAD

on January 25, 2024

Article Updated 01/25/2024 The GSEs have released a new timeline for the release and implementation of UAD 2.0. The new timeline now extends into 2026 and gives us more details about how they want other players in the mortgage industry (like software companies) to complete their portions of the update. This means a couple of […]

Tech Tip: Select a pop point for your sketch

on January 16, 2024

When using TOTAL Sketch, you can select the pop point you want to connect to by hovering the mouse over any pop point. You’ll see a red line connecting each pop point to the previously drawn corner that it matches. See how it works in today’s tech tip (:55). If you’re looking for more tips […]
Q&A With an Expert

Q&A with our resident TOTAL Expert

on December 6, 2023

You hear a lot about our products, new features, and the industry, but what you might not know is who is behind the scenes making your technology work and building out new features to improve your workflow. So, we think it’s about time you got to know the a la mode team a little better. […]