Simple ways to get new, non-lender clients

Written by on February 17, 2015

Many appraisers have told us lately that they're feeling frustrated with the rigmarole that comes with many lender orders. From the seemingly endless list of new requirements and regulations to requests for more analysis in shorter turn times (all at the same fee), the stress and red tape is exhausting.

You don't have to keep feeling chained to mortgage work. Instead, expand your client base to include attorneys, homeowners, agents, and other high-fee non-lender clients. Here are a few ideas to get started from our eBook, Break free of lender assignments: Getting more non-lender work in any market (download it for free here):

  • Potential clients are more likely to look for an appraiser online. Aside from having a good website, you should at least have a social media page for your business. Facebook and Twitter are good choices since they've been around for years now and both get good web traffic. By responding to questions on your page and making semi-regular, informative posts, you position yourself as a local appraisal expert who's more informed and tech-savvy than the competition.
  • Place a free ad on Craigslist, under the "Services" section. It's a simple-looking site, but highly trafficked. Click here to find your local Craigslist page.
  • Turn your car or truck into a billboard with a magnetic sign advertising your business.
  • Consider partnering with a local home inspector or bail bondsmen to offer bundled services.

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