Appraiser Tech Tip: Naming your website

Written by on February 14, 2017

You can’t have a website without a domain. Simply put, your “domain” is just a fancy word for the dot com name of your site. And when it comes to your XSites, it’s pretty simple to set up your domain name and get your business out on the web for potential clients to start viewing it.

Just make sure to keep a few things in mind before you decide on a name.

  • Keep it simple
    • Make sure it’s easy to spell and easy to remember. That way when a customer wants to return to your site, they don’t have any issues recalling what to type in to their search engine.
  • Make it short
    • Again, you want to make things easy on your website visitors, and you want to make sure they keep coming back. To that end, a short domain will likely stick in someone’s mind easier than a complicated one. For all intents and purposes, "" is memorable, but it's still a hassle to type.
  • Make it relevant to your business
    • Relevance is a big one. “” encompasses both of the previous bullet points – it's concise and easy to remember. But if that actually is your name, and you're not the famous Mark Cuban, choosing that for your domain could bring in a lot of online traffic that isn't relevant to your business at all. A domain that references your business name, or location is usually best in this case.

Setting up your domain only takes about a minute or two. Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions.

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