Tech tip: Stay prepared if your computer crashed tomorrow

Written by on April 25, 2017

Ever had to get a new computer on a whim? Whether you faced a crash, or the grandkids spilled water on your laptop, unexpected purchases are never fun.
And that's before you start thinking about setting up all your old settings on your new machine…

Let's face it. Whether you've been working in TOTAL or WinTOTAL for six months or 20 years, you have a lot of data in the program. And it could take a while to transfer all of it to a new computer if you had a PC meltdown tomorrow.

But with Vault and Exact, you can save yourself the hours spent setting up a new computer by simply clicking a checkbox. Watch the video to see how.

Once you do that, Exact will back up all of the settings you've built up over the years in TOTAL.
(Your settings are things like canned comments, your digital signature, comps database, contacts, and user settings.)
Note: Even if you have Vault, don't assume your settings are saved. Log in to TOTAL today to update your Exact settings.

Exact comes with Vault. Don't have Vault yet? It's cloud-based storage for your appraisal files (and holds over 14 million files for appraisers). Since everything is stored in the cloud, it's easy to retreive when you have to move to a new computer in a pinch.
Click here to read about Vault and how it stands up to other, similar file storage solutions.