Tips for last minute tax preparations

Written by on April 1, 2015

Still working on your 2014 taxes? Check out these two quick tips:

  1. Get your past invoices from your My Account page here
    Instead of rifling through e-mail or calling in to get your a la mode invoices for tax purposes, visit Once you log in, you can see and print all of your receipts.
  2. Use Mileage Estimator for 2014 to estimate vehicle costs here
    Appraisers are using it to turn their report databases into a customizable spreadsheet in a few clicks. This is incredibly useful to your tax pro as they calculate your vehicle deductions — mileage totals, fuel costs, consumption, etc. And, even if you have perfect receipts, Mileage Estimator helps prove the reasonableness of your logs. Visit to get started for just $39.

Happy filing!