Top 10 reasons appraisers are switching to TOTAL

Written by on January 7, 2016

Choose to make 2016 better than 2015. Go truly mobile. Save time on every report. Handle ever-increasing client needs with fewer hassles. Switching to TOTAL is easier than you think too. We’ll walk you through the transition and we’ll even buy out your contract with ACI, Bradford, etc. Let us help you make 2016 the year of less stress, better software, and more profit. More appraisers rely on us. See why first-hand.

Here are the top 10 reasons you'll be happier with TOTAL in 2016:

10. The transition is easier than you think

We’ve made TOTAL incredibly easy to dive into. Open files from your current formfilling software using our simple Competitor Conversion Wizard or import UAD XML files. The converter helps you copy data into TOTAL so you don’t have to worry about retyping or starting from scratch.

We’ve also made it easy to just “get in and go” on new reports. Simply click “File,” then “New,” and you’re off to the races in about five seconds. You can choose to dive straight into your form or use SmartMerge to pull in data from old reports and templates in a snap.

9. You shouldn't have to live with constant crashes

We hear that other software crashes too often. Assuming your system crashes twice a day and costs you 10 minutes to reboot per incident, that’s over an hour and a half of time lost every week. TOTAL is rock solid, which is why we’re able to back it with a 100 day money back refund guarantee.

We also stay compatible with the newest technology rather than playing catch-up. That means it works beautifully on your Windows 10 PC with multiple monitors, too.

8. No one holds a candle to our FREE mobile apps

We’ve built our own mobile apps in-house since 1991 because they’re critical to your workflow. We don’t rely on a third party to develop the mobile tools you need, or to answer your questions about going paperless. Any help you need comes directly from us. And our app development team is constantly releasing updates, making them even more intuitive and robust. In fact, we have more mobile forms than any other vendor.

Plus, TOTAL for Mobile’s data gathering and syncing with TOTAL on the desktop is free. Download it for free on your iPad®, Kindle, or Android™ device to see the difference.

7. SmartAddress alerts you when you're reusing a property

As you fill out the report, TOTAL lets you know if you’ve used that property in the past. Then in a click, SmartAddress shows all the previous versions of a property side-by-side (not just the most recent). And from there you can merge in entire previous records or pick which data you want to add to your report. It’s a huge time saver!

6. Add MLS data to reports and databases without typing

Say goodbye to the frustrating task of copying and pasting from your local MLS. Our free MLS Text File Importer pulls the data exported from your MLS directly into your report. It works for sales, rentals, and listings. Once you’ve finished your report, it’s all saved into your Comps Database for future use.

5. You'll go paperless the proper way

The appraisal process is clear: You research, analyze, then write your report. Unfortunately, most other software skips the first two steps. TOTAL doesn’t. The Spectrum Digital Workfile Architecture ties together e-mails, MLS data, comps searches, photos, adjustment criteria, inspection data, and more, all into the same digital file that contains the final appraisal.

4. TOTAL is packed with "little things" that free up entire days

Shave 15 minutes off every report using multi-field canned comments to fill out entire sections. Plus, our free MLS importer and built-in Worksheets save at least another 10 minutes each. TOTAL for Mobile takes off 30 minutes per report. Those features alone add up to over an hour saved on every report. At 300 appraisals a year, you’d free up 37 days to spend with your family.

3. True side-by-side comps

Our Comps Side-by-Side is one of the most popular features of TOTAL. Detailed View and SmartAdjust make UAD comps a breeze. Detailed View breaks down each field in the grid into individual line-items (e.g. basement and bathrooms). SmartAdjust then handles numeric and non-numeric (like $, %, and %sf) adjustments automatically.

2. Unrivaled photo handling

Organizing your photos shouldn’t be tedious. TOTAL’s QuickPix automatically pulls in previews of your pictures and lets you quickly stamp photo details on multiple photos with a few clicks. Then, they’re stored in a database where you can quickly find them later and drag-and-drop them onto your photo pages.

1. We’ll buy out your current software contract!

Switch to TOTAL and we’ll give you credit for what you’ve paid your software vendor within the last 12 months. Many have switched for free!

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