TOTAL Store: Your favorite apps, data sources, and more all in one place

Written by on June 4, 2014

If you haven't checked out the TOTAL Store yet, you're missing out on a number of ways to customize how you use TOTAL. In the Store, you'll find a host of third-party appraisal apps that can be integrated into TOTAL.
TOTAL Store was designed knowing that there are appraisal tools and services that you love and need but we don't necessarily provide. Through TOTAL Store's built-in technology, it's easy for any vendor to integrate with TOTAL, giving you full access to the best and brightest in the profession. Even appraisers with spreadsheets and other tools can become TOTAL Store merchants.

The result is that TOTAL's already powerful arsenal of features is enhanced by a variety of tools. You'll find regression, mobile data gathering, sketchers, MLS/data providers, analytics and stats tools, training resources, and much more. It's a one-stop shop for your appraisal business. You can access the Store through TOTAL by clicking the Dashboard button, or click here to go there now.

TOTAL Store is coming to WinTOTAL in a few weeks, but users can start trying out integrated apps by upgrading to TOTAL for free. Just click here to log into your My Account page and download it.

Don't have TOTAL yet? Click here to see how you could switch for free!