3 ways to push overflow to the addenda


Sometimes your data doesn't always fit in those smaller, single-line form fields.  Luckily, TOTAL already offers not one, but two ways to push overflow data to the addenda. 

  1. Click the Addenda button in the toolbar, and then select the Overflow button in the split screen view.
  2. Undock the Addenda PowerView and then select the Overflow button to send your overflow text to the addenda.

However, remembering the steps to take — as simple they might be  can still be a bother.

So, we decided to add one more option that removes some of the unnecessary steps.  Watch the video to see how. 

With a quick right-click of the mouse, you’ll see a small menu of shortcuts, allowing you to quickly push data from your current field to the addenda.  It’s especially handy when the Lender/Client name is ridiculously long and uncommon or when the address is too long. 

Try it out next time you’re in a tight spot!

The new text overflow addenda feature was one of several added to our latest TOTAL update.  To see what else we added, click here.

Want to learn more about TOTAL?  Click here to register for one of our free upcoming webinars.  From Taking the grunt work out of comps to Getting started with Titan Analytics, there are a number of courses to help boost your TOTAL IQ.



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