TOTAL for Mobile: September update


In the latest TOTAL for Mobile update, you’ll be able to assign new sketch labels to a room type, indicate when a photo has been taken for a room, and even back up your labels to the cloud in case you ever upgrade your phone or tablet and need to reinstall the app.

We’ve also added the GP 2-4 form to incorporate more non-lender options and fixed a few things to increase stability. 

Never re-measure a property again


Let’s say your day starts with a couple inspections.  Everything goes great but when you arrive back at your office, you realize that one of your sketches has a measurement that isn't quite right.  

Your only option is to put the rest of your work on hold to re-visit the property and measure again. 

But scheduling another appointment due to a sketching mistake can be awkward and take up a lot of valuable time. 

Labels, Multi-material QuickLists, and more in the latest TOTAL for Mobile update


You read that right.  From enabling the stamp mode in sketch to preserved Multi-material QuickLists selections, you’ll zip through your inspections faster than ever before.  But, we can’t take all the credit as most of these time reducer ideas came from you, so thanks.  Your feedback means a lot.

Read what else is new in the April TOTAL for Mobile release:

Four bedrooms?  No problem. 

This update lets you select a label and tap your sketch however many times you need to without having to re-select the same label again.  When you sketched a home before, you'd have to select a label like bedroom, tap the screen, go back to label, select bedroom again, then tap the screen again, and repeat however many times.  Tap.  Tap.  Tap...  Good riddance. 


Never be intimidated by another sketch again


Field work can be exhausting.

Between collecting forms data, subject photos, and property notes, you’ve already got your hands full (literally).

Luckily we’re past the days of paper and pencil, but there are times when the digital age doesn’t feel any easier.

The problem

Picture this:

It’s been a busy week.  You receive a new order and decide to accept it.  

What’s one more appraisal, after all?  

You gather the information you need for the report and head out to the inspection.  

You take one look at the property and immediately wonder if you can drive away before the owners see you.



Appraiser Tech Tip: How to easily make detailed sketches in TOTAL for Mobile


It’s a common misconception that appraisers can't draw complicated sketches on TOTAL for Mobile, our free app.  The idea of sketching angles, curves, multiple levels, bay windows, and cut-out areas on a small device or phone seems all but impossible.

But, here’s one of the secrets to success when sketching with TOTAL for Mobile: You’re no longer stuck with a static, immovable grid on a piece of graph paper.  Instead, you have a dynamic screen that you can manipulate with your fingertips.

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