Memo on Windows 10 and WinTOTAL Aurora

Written by on July 23, 2015

Here's an e-mail we sent to WinTOTAL Aurora users today.

It's that time again, where Microsoft releases a completely new version of Windows. This time it's "Windows 10", and even though the name may be new, the problems it causes are old. Every new version of Windows brings incompatibilities with some older programs.

In this case, Windows 10 does not allow our old WinTOTAL Aurora program to run properly. Microsoft hasn't been able to resolve the problems we've reported, which deal with the core issues of loading basic program components. Windows 10 breaks Aurora at a very low level, which we can't fix with any sort of update to it. It's impossible.

We all knew that at some point there would be a new version of Windows which essentially killed Aurora, and this one is it. Therefore, we cannot provide technical support for Aurora on Windows 10 systems at all.

Thankfully, our newer forms program, TOTAL, works beautifully with Windows 10. It's thoroughly modern, so there are no issues. Plus, it's faster, has many more features (some of which, like SmartAddress, could save your career), and is easier to use. And it costs you nothing to upgrade.

So, this new Windows 10 leaves you with two distinct options:

Option 1: Stick with Aurora, but please, do not install Windows 10.

Option 2: Upgrade to TOTAL for free now, and use any version of Windows, including Windows 10 if you want.

Obviously, we highly recommend Option 2. Aurora's days are clearly numbered, and future web-based versions from us will assume that you're moving up from TOTAL, not Aurora. The best time to upgrade is right now, before it's critical, when you can do it at your leisure. Click here to see how TOTAL compares to Aurora, and for instructions on how to upgrade for free.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. We sincerely appreciate your business, and hope you make the upgrade to TOTAL soon.

— The TOTAL Product Team