Mileage Estimator 2015 is available now!

Written by on December 3, 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, it's time to start fishing out months of receipts and records to figure out your vehicle and mileage deductions for the 2015 tax year. Or is it?

Instead of wading through paper logs and faded receipts, use Mileage Estimator 2015 to quickly and easily generate a detailed report of your miles driven, and become your tax professional's new favorite customer. At only $39, Mileage Estimator will find all your reports signed in 2015 and create a spreadsheet detailing each appraisal's mileage, based on a round trip from your office to the subject and comps, and back again. It's complete with dates, average fuel costs, property addresses, mileage totals, file numbers, and more.

Use the data to spot trends and inform important business decisions. You'll be able to look at the numbers and answer key questions:

  • Should I start driving a hybrid?
  • Should I continue to service that neighboring county at all?
  • Should I raise my fees to cover travel expenses to certain areas?

If you own previous editions of Mileage Estimator, you can also run reports for prior years. That way, you can see how your 2015 expenses compare.

At $39, it's a no brainer. Click here to get Mileage Estimator 2015 in the TOTAL Store today.