Regression Analysis Guidelines for Appraisers

Written by on April 6, 2016

This is a guest post from the Savvi Analytics team. This is the second installment in a series from Savvi on some recent great improvements. (See the first post here.) This week, the focus is on Savvi's regression analysis eBook written exclusively for appraisers. You can find the Savvi automated regression analysis tool in the TOTAL Store here.

Author, James Swartz, Ph.D., has written over 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals, the majority of which use advanced statistical analytic techniques. In teaching statistics to students in the social sciences, Dr. Swartz emphasizes the practical as opposed to theoretical aspects of statistical analysis, explaining complicated statistical concepts to non-statisticians using plain English, and using real world examples to demonstrate how regression works. He believes these same techniques will help provide real estate appraisers with a clearer understanding of regression analysis and how it can be successfully applied in their field to actually simplify the work of property appraisal.

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Savvi’s newest features:

  • Automated Data review: Helping you strike the right balance in your MLS data for the best analysis model possible.
  • QC Tool: Cleans and prepares your data automatically.
  • Data Mining: Picks up the faintest and hard to distinguish patterns that can only be sensed by analysis algorithms that can evaluate nonlinear relationships between predictor variables and their targets and themselves.
  • MAPE: MAPE is used to identify whether a data mining method is performing well or not. The lower the MAPE, "the difference between sold price and predicted price", the better the performance of the data mining method.

Follow our series and learn how to get the best results from your regression analysis.

Next week: Managing your data

And remember, big data without big analysis can cause big mistakes!

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