TrendSheet 4 Update: New dynamic commentary and expanded MLS coverage

Written by on November 24, 2015

This is a guest post from Brandon Reich, an active real estate appraiser, owner of Choice Valuation, PLLC and creator of TrendSheet 4 and Spark, an MLS comp import tool. You can find TrendSheet 4 and Spark in the TOTAL Store.

We've recently added some great new features to TrendSheet 4, our market analysis, sales grid analysis, and automation tool. It now includes dynamic commentary, meaning it can populate your 1004MC comments based on market data, in addition to auto-populating your 1004MC numbers, top of Page 2 numbers, and some Page 1 numbers. And, since TrendSheet 4 is unlocked, you can also add your own formulas and features in addition to customizing these comments to suit your preferences.

We also updated the coverage area, so now TrendSheet 4 works in over 75 MLS systems nationwide.

Plus, now that we’ve released Spark, our Comp Importer, you can use both programs in your report to not only support your opinions and conclusions with a ton of helpful market data (including multiple adjustment indicators) but save yourself all the time and hassle of typing up your comps and 1004MC. Here's a message I received from an appraiser:

It’s like going from a reel tape measure to a laser measuring device…I’ve been using TrendSheet and Spark for the past couple months and there’s nothing like having your 1004MC mostly filled out, two years of data and graphs for review, and having 12 comps mostly imported all within minutes.”

Along with the basic 1004MC data – which it automatically fills out – TrendSheet 4 includes:

  • Quarterly trends over two years based on average price, price per sqft, and median price
  • 40 graphs
  • Up to nine adjustment indicators per feature based on three appraisal methodologies
  • Adjustment indicators are derived from an analysis of both your sales grid and from an analysis of the MLS data
  • Nearly all data is analyzed twice based on your competing properties as well as the broader neighborhood, giving you additional support to arrive at informed and defensible opinions
  • Miscellaneous trends including pricing with and without distressed sales, concession trends, along with trends in lot size, year built, GLA, etc. over time
  • Integration into your TOTAL report so data flows automatically between your report and TrendSheet 4. If you make a change in TrendSheet 4 or in your report, the data is instantly updated everywhere.

TrendSheet 4 is a one-time purchase with no subscription or renewal costs of any kind. Once you buy it, you own it and you’ll always get any new versions of TrendSheet 4 for free. If you already own TrendSheet 4, contact me at to get the new, updated version for free.

Click here for TrendSheet 4’s TOTAL Store page for pricing and coverage details. You can also see TrendSheet 4 in action in the video below. Or, see what other appraisers are saying here: TrendSheet 4 testimonials or Spark testimonials.