What if you lost all your reports tomorrow?

Written by on August 18, 2016

When it comes to file storage solutions for appraisers, there are four basic elements you'd need to take into account:

  • It should be large — You have to keep at least five years of reports, no matter how you store them, either in paper file cabinets, hard drives, or some online storage solutions.
  • It should automatically backup your files and software settings — How about backing up your data including software settings, QuickLists (or you can call it canned comments), contacts, signatures, and comps database?
  • It should recover your files when stuff happens — Would you be able to recover you files quickly and easily if catastrophes strike your appraisal business?

Does your storage solution do all of this? If not, then it doesn't serve the basic needs of an appraiser.

Check out the comparison chart below. Most file storage solutions fall short of everything your appraisal business needs, like 24/7 phone support, automatic database restoration, long-term file storage, and exporting abilities (to name a few), but Vault has it all. Vault ensures your appraisal files and settings are always accessible in case anything could happen to your computer.

(Click the chart to enlarge it.)

Still not convinced? Thousands of appraisers rely on Vault with Exact to protect their files and reports. Scott Goforth is one of them. He’s been using Vault since the very beginning. Today, he has more than 20,000 files securely stored inside the Vault. See what Scott has to say about Vault below.

Why risk your business with a storage solution not designed for appraisers. Vault backs up PDFs, emails, and other documents when you store them into the Workfile in TOTAL. This means your Workfile is in tact with each report when recovering from a crash. No matter how big your report is, or how many supporting documents and photos you add into your Workfile, Vault counts them as one file, and backs them up all at once.

Other storage solutions are good for your family photos, videos, or music, but use Vault with Exact to secure your appraisal business. Learn more about Vault with Exact here. Or give us a call at 1-800-ALAMODE. We're happy to cover your options.

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